November Newsletter

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Important Dates

Stress Relief & Healthy Life Tips

Scholarship Info

November Events

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Important Dates

November 2: Last day to withdraw from classes

November 3: Election Day (Go VOTE)

November 4: Spring Registration begins

November 5: TRIO FESP priority registration starts

November 20: In-person instruction for most classes ends (The last weeks of classes and exams will be conducted remotely)

November 23: No TRIO FESP Tutoring during the week of November 23

November 23rd-November 27: Thanksgiving Recess

Stress Relief & Healthy Lifestyle Tips

With midterm exams, and grades passing we know everyone can get stressed out. We found some solutions to help you relieve stress! Here are few tips on how to relieve your stress:

Light candles

  • When lighting a candle, it can create a stress free bliss.

Drink Tea

  • Drinking tea is known for relieving stress!

Baking or Cooking

  • Baking cupcakes, cookies, or cakes can be super fun and help you relieve stress! The delicious smells can bring warmth to you and others.

Deep breathing exercises

  • Focus your attention on your breath, and be mindful of how it feels to raise your chest and fill your lungs, and then to slowly exhale. Notice any tension in your neck, shoulders, or elsewhere in your body, and release that tension with your exhaling breath.

We know at times everyone can be stressed out and need someone to talk to, here is a website that can help you. If you are on campus, you can visit Sindcuse Health Center or visit the WMU Health and Wellness website.

They also provided some Wellness Tips for you as well. Visit the WMU Wellness Tips website to see more.

Scholarship Information

2020- 2021 MI CAPP Education Endowment and Study Abroad Award

These scholarships are for any TRIO FESP participant who has been enrolled in TRIO FESP for at least 1 calendar year as of the time of application submission.

How to Apply: MICAPP

Application Due Date: December 4, 2020

Important Note: These scholarship applications require students to work closely with a TRIO FESP staff member to complete the application packet and provide nomination. You will need to schedule an appointment with Myia or Nateya at least two weeks prior to the due date. We want our students to have the best possible application packet and to ensure this, we need to work together!


Available to TRIO FESP participants who will have freshman or sophomore status during Spring 2021 through Summer II 2021 semesters and have a Pell Grant for the 2020-21 academic year.

How to Apply: Please email Myia to request an electronic copy of the application.

Application Due Date: December 31, 2020 (For FYE students, this will be done in class)

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November Events

Please view the November events below. There will be separate emails with detailed information coming soon for each event.

November Virtual Events:

  • Virtual Cooking: November 11 @7pm
  • Movie Night
  • Lunch and Converse w/ FESP Staff

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