Brittany Murphy

Movie Star

Life VS. Death

Brittany is more widely known now that she is dead than when she was alive. She was a very witty actress who became known from the movie "8 Mile."

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Times of Struggle

Brittany began to show erratic behavior on her more recent films. Many of her fellow co-workers had to start picking up her slack.

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Uptown Girls (5/11) Movie CLIP - You're Workin' For Me! (2003) HD

Her movies

8 Mile


Girl, Interuppted

Uptown Girl


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Drugs and Death

Brittany was addicted to prescribed medications. She had pneumonia and anemia which gave her a reason to keep her doses up on the pills, she was so sedated nobody really understood how sick she really was. Brittany had become very self conscious about her body and began to loss a lot of weight, sources say from cocaine. She died at age 32, from an over-dose of prescribed medications.

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