My Digital Life

Tracking 24 Hours of my Digital Usage

Looking at my Phone

Many times in this project, I found myself looking at my phone for texts or missed calls. It is almost a habit now to look at it every 10-15 minutes. But when I tracked my log, I was working a couple of hours; I still found myself looking at it when I'm not "aloud" to look at it.


I wont lie, I am a game addict. I love to play my PS3 for hours on end. I like to race and play the new Grand Theft Auto 5. I play with my friends online and talk trash to them. I also find it a good time killer. If I have to work at 5:00 PM that day and the time was like 1:00 PM, I would go play PS3 until about 4:00 PM then get ready for work. I dont want to just sit around and dread about working that night, so i go play and not think about it.

Car Radio

Im always on the go. I am at a bowling ally almost every single day. I DO NOT like to drive with the radio off. I always have to be listening to the radio when I am driving. So I turn on the radio and cruise down the street. It helps me get away from what has been going on recently. Plus I like to drive.

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I work with computers at my job. I have to help people put their names in and correct scores. At home, I am also on the computer. I like to get on Facebook and YouTube. I get on Facebook to see what my friends are up to. I get on YouTube to listen to music that I dont have on my iPod.

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When I am not on my computer, driving, or texting on my phone, I like to watch TV. Again, its that thing called boredom that makes me watch TV. I like to watch what ever I recorded on the DVR and what ever cool show is on at that time (ex. Cops).

(The picture below is at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. I do not have a picture of my own personal TV.)

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Like I said, I get on Facebook almost everyday. It is one thing that I have to do. I like to talk to friends, see what everyone is up to, and just kill time. When there is nothing to do and when I dont feel like play PS3, I will go up to my room and get on Facebook. I will talk to some people and see how they are doing.

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I always look at clocks to see what time it is. I dont like not knowing what time it is. I have to know the time. I like to use the digital clocks. I can tell them a little bit better (plus I am lazy).

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When I am on Facebook, 90% of the time I am on YouTube at the same time. I love to listen to newer music that I dont have on my iPod. I am on there and look up some gaming videos as well.

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More Computers

I work at Western Bowl. Part of the job is helping people with the computers and putting their names in or a score correction. I also have to restart them sometimes. I use technology a lot when I am working. I also have to use my phone when resetting the lane so I can see the button I have to push.

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In the overall scheme of things, I use technology every single day. I was in class and we got to learn about how easy things are to look up. It is easy to track yourself. Some things are true, others are not. I looked myself up and it said I lived in Oden, Indiana and I have a criminal history (totally not true). I found out technology is good and bad. I learned many things in there that day. If I could change one thing, it would be how many times I use computers and things like that each day. It is really hard to not use it everyday. I use my laptop every single day. Classes are now going more ecofriendly. Which is a good thing.

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