Weekly Newsletter

Math C Students

Countdown to High School... 2 more Middle School work days!

Week 40 (5/23-5/27) Updates

End of Year Wrap Up Checklist:

  • Complete Spring Satisfaction Survey.
  • Finish Interim Assessment in Study Island. Please watch the 9am CC recordings from the week of May 9-12 to help you.
  • Finish Semester Tests in OLS. Please watch the 9am CC recordings from the week of May 9-12 to help you.
  • Finish Scantron Tests.
  • Small Group Students: Finish ADAM on Let’s Go Learn and/or Post Tests in Study Island.
  • Master as many OLS lessons as you can by 5pm on May 24.

Math Lab and OOH available 5/23 & 24 to help you with this last one only!

Something to make all of us feel like we should’ve gotten started a lot earlier in life: mini mathematician.


For those of you who have not been with us since January 5, please remember to watch the recording of the Semester 2 Math Welcome Session (Click link for recording). You can also obtain any posted recording by searching for the date in the Class Connect section of your Daily Plan. Remember to complete the survey at the end for Extra Credit points towards the Interim Assessment grade category. These points will be added to your gradebook at the end of the semester.

Remember, all Semester 1 grades (Units 1-7) are closed out in the Gradebook per this video. Therefore, you may not be able to retake your Not Mastered lessons from Semester 1, but we would like you to review them as necessary. If you do not know how to access your Not Mastered list, contact your math teacher and ask for directions. Please remember that your grades this year are based on your scores AND progress expectations.

Support Resources:

Visit and bookmark our Class Webpages:

Math C Perez (click here) Webpage

Math C Rhoades Webpage

Find class syllabus, pacing guide and OLS support video library here!

· Have you bookmarked the Math C online textbook? If not, please do so today!

· Another highly recommended bookmark: Desmos online graphing calculator.

· This website will help you determine if the K12 site is working, or not.

MS STUGO: If you haven’t already, bookmark our webpage to keep up to date on upcoming in-person events, such as the end of year Game Night on May 20. Hope to see you at one soon!!


Mrs. Perez: The top three ways to communicate with me are Kmail, phone (623-242-2535)/Skype (kim.perez.azva), and email (kperez@k12.com).

Ms. Rhoades: The top three ways to communicate with me are are kmail, phone (602.910.5811)/Skype (MsRhoades), and email (srhoades@k12.com) – in that order.

Please do not try to message us through Study Island as we will not receive those messages. Thank you!


Friday, May 20th, 6pm

6869 East Shea Boulevard

Scottsdale, AZ

At Scottsdale/PV YMCA BLC

$5 per person

50/50 Raffle: $2 per ticket or 3 for $5

Bring-A-Friend (6-16 years old) – Up to 2 friends that do not attend K12.

Casual Dress (school appropriate)

Bring your favorite board or card game to share!

LC must sign in and out (and complete photo & liability forms)

RSVP by May 16:


Questions? Concerns?

Contact Ms. Rhoades srhoades@k12.com.

OR Mrs. Glantz aglantz@k12.com.

You can also use the comment card on the bottom of the STUGO webpage: http://azvamiddleschool.weebly.com/stugo.html