Apocalypse Paintball!

Come by and have a fun day!


This an arena like paintball location. This is a arena that you can select different types settings like mid-evil with a castle type. For example if one team were to take control of this castle the whole team has sniping and covering advantages.

Walk-ons and Reservations - 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Mon. - Sun.

If you have time or a day off and you wanna have fun with friends and or family. Or event if you kid turns 12 this is a great place to have a great and memorable times!

Guaranteed fun and a adrenaline rush!

Frequently asked questions

Q:Are your arena safe?

A:Our main concern is safety and Fun!

Q:Are party members allowed?

A:Yes, if in any case you need a quick birthday gift this is a fun and quick place to get to and choose