Mark Twain

The one and only.

Mark Twain Childhood

From a kid that no one knew in a small town to one of the best authors ever known. Mark Twain grew up in Hannibal, Mo. Mark Twain wasn't an only child he had 4 brothers, and 2 sisters. His Parents names were Jane and John. Mark Twain was sick for a lot of his childhood. He was sick since he was born so he wasn't able to go outside until he was 9 years old. After that he lived in paradise in Hannibal, Mo ever since in his little town as a child.

Adult life and fun facts about Mark Twain

Mark Twain's father owned slaves but he didn't like slavery he didn't agree with others about slavery. He even paid for several African American's college expenses. Mark Twain's real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens but was known as Mark Twain around the world. He didn't like wearing dark colors either because dark colors got him depressed, so that's why he always wore white. What everyone knows is that he was the greatest story teller in his time.