I am Grateful for Moving Around

My Gratitude Bit Presentation

My whole Life is Moving Around

I have always moved around. It's part of my live. I love it but it can be hard at times. Having to leave friends and always being the 'new kid'. I have lived in Canada, Arizona, Peru, Utah and Washington State. Moving around you see different cultures and meet lots of different people. You gain friendships that either lasts even after you leave or end when you leave.


Peru is the coolest place I have lived. Everyone is so surprised to hear that I have lived there. And not only once, but twice. I lived in Peru when I was younger about 8. I remember because I was baptized in Peru. I lived there about two years the first time and two years the second. So around four years total.

I don't remember much about the first time but I do remember some stuff. I remember that we had a beautiful house with a huge wall around it and the yard. The backyard was connected to my best friends house and we would play and hang out almost everyday. I remember that we had guards, drivers, gardeners and maids. I remember that the guards would play futbol (soccer) with us and hang their guns in the big tree in our front yard.

The second time we lived there it was much different. We only had one maid where we had two and we had no driver or personal guards. This second time we lived in Lima, the capital. The first time we had lived in Arequipa. The second time was still just as interesting though and both were adventures.


Canada is a favorite of mine and my family. We loved it and miss it the most. Canada was an amazing experience as well. We lived in Ontario and our ward was amazing. I have fond memories of Canada. Recently my dad took me on a trip to Vancouver, Canada. It was a business trip of his and he surprised me by taking me. I spent the days while he was at work exploring the streets. I was so happy to be back in Canada. It was beautiful.


Arizona is such a pretty place. With cacti and the plants, it's simply beautiful. Arizona is hot but with ice cream you can survive through the heat. I love the mountains, which is not like the ones we have in Utah. These are more rocks and dirt. The sun cast on these make them light up and beautiful.
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Moving around you never have a 'home' to go to. No one place is your home. At least that's what it is like for me. Utah though is probably the closest thing I have to being home. I love the mountains and I love the views. I love living in the country and seeing horses and cows. Utah right now is our 'home base'. A place we can call home. And although I don't want to live in Utah when I am older, Utah has a place close in my heart.

So yes, I am grateful I have moved around.

"Don't you want to live in one place?" "Do you enjoy moving around?" "It must be tough, why do you do it?" These are some questions that I am asked about moving around. I love moving around, I wouldn't change it for anything. No I don't want to live in only one place. I have seen so much of the world, why would I not want that? It is tough but it is my life. I am used to being the new girl and the oddball. You know what though? I am grateful I have had the chance to do what I do. I am happy I have moved around. Yes, I don't always make friends and yes, I am sometimes teased and made fun of but that's OK. That's OK because I know that living in one place doesn't always guarantee you a friend or a home. Sure, I don't have anyone to talk about the "old days" with, or I don't get some of the opportunities you might get by living in one place. But I get so much more moving around.

I love to move around, and that's my life. I wouldn't change it for a thing.

I am so grateful that I move around.