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Leaders of Learning

This week's nominees:

Annie Osterman: I’d like to thank Annie Osterman for all of her progress monitor points on a student who started out red in both DIBELS and TRC and is now green in both. She had a total of 10 data points showing that the student responded to interventions; this made it really easy to answer a parent’s question.

Snow Angels: Thank you to Errie Andrews, Taniya Smith, Wilford Smith, Tena Jordan, and Janice Caulfee for quietly serving all of us by scraping the snow off of our cars.

Office Angels: Thank you to Marcia Spencer, Danielle Duncan, Alicia Nazar, and Jennifer Beck for helping out in the front office when the phone would not stop ringing and there was a steady flow of parents coming to pick up their children.

I nominate the entire staff of SPP for pulling together the way a family does when dealing with anxious situations!! Thank you to all of you for handling the events of this past week with such grace under pressure. Not every school faculty pulls together in the face of adverse situations, but we sure did! It is an honor to work with you! Thank you!--Marci

Thomas Tidbits

How can you change from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset?

As you approach a challenge, you may hear a small voice questioning whether or not you can accomplish the task. Then it will try to persuade you, "I'm not talented or smart enough." That would be your fixed mindset voice. Recognize what it is. Then if you hit a setback or face criticism the voice will say, "I told you so." You will feel yourself feeling angry inside towards the person who is offering criticism then at yourself for stepping forward and failing. You must begin to change those negative thoughts to positive thoughts. You must then change those thoughts around and become growth minded.

How do you do that?
1. Believe you are capable - trust and believe in your ability.
2. Challenge yourself - don't always take the easy road.
3. Accept failures - all successful people fail at first.
4. Try- if you don't try, then you automatically fail.
5. Find your passion- it won't always be easy but if you have passion, it will carry you through the tough times
6. Take responsibility- if you don't you can't fix it and therefore don't complain about it.

Always know that setbacks are setups for your success... Do you have a growth mindset or fixed mindset? It's a choice... Your choice!

And remember, "Every kid needs a champion." --Rita Pierson

Making our Hive Thrive

K- A teacher was using engaging math stations to reinforce mastery of the standard.

1st - A teacher created a comprehension rubric with students to help them evaluate their written responses.

2nd- A teacher was using close reading to help students comprehend and determine the meaning of new vocabulary words in context .

PBIS Staff Meeting rescheduled for March 4

Please review the presentation below before coming to the meeting on Wednesday. The PBIS committee has worked hard to make this an engaging and interactive experience. Come prepared to have some fun as we review PBIS!

Family Follies--rescheduled for March 3

There will be a surprise appearance that is sure to bring some laughs from our audience...at least we will be disappointed if we don't get some laughter! We hope you will come out and support Ms. Boes in her effort to raise money to purchase new risers for our students. The Family Follies is going to be a fun and entertaining event and will last an hour or less. It will begin at 6:30 in the auditorium. See you there!
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G is for GPS

If your students had to describe their experience in your class using only five words, what would you want those words to be? Your answer is your destination.

To get where you want to go, you need a precise destination. Commit to your five words and use your GPS--your lessons, units, and the current reality of your classroom--to accurately gauge your current location and map your course. Ask yourself: Would students use the five words you chose? If not: Recalculate! Recalculate! Recalculate! It's time to adjust your route and get back on course.

--Dave Burgess, P is for Pirate

Walkthrough Focus

It has been very exciting to be in and out of classrooms and see all of the different ways that teachers are setting goals and celebrating progress with students. Thank you so much for your efforts to focus on this highly effective strategy! As we move into February, our walkthrough focus will be on another one of Marzano's Design Questions: "What will I do to help students effectively interact with new knowledge?" --specifically giving students opportunities to reflect on their learning.

Teaching Studies March 25

So sorry that Teaching Studies did not work out for Wednesday. We will carry through with our exact same plan on March 25. We will feed our assistants on March 24. :) Please visit our Edmodo Southern Pines Primary Page for details about our Teaching Studies on Wednesday, March 25. Thanks!

Revised calendar

Please take the time to carefully go through the calendar. Due to the snow days, there are many things that have been rescheduled. The calendar looks quite different than it did last week. Just want to make sure everyone is in the loop! :)

Upcoming Dates

March 2-14: YR Math Benchmark

March 3: Family Follies--6:30-7:30

March 4: Marci at Principals Meeting

March 4: PBIS Staff Meeting

March 5: Admin will not be leading PLC team meetings--PLC teams meet and set own agenda

March 5-6: NCTies team at conference

March 9: SPP Ed Camp 8:00-9:30; MCS Teachapalooza Conference 12:30-3:30--Teachers, please be sure you have registered for this.

March 11: Teach Like a Pirate Free Workshop at UNCP--Dave Burgess (author of the book) will be presenting!!! I have requested 7 spots--please let me know if you are interested in attending! It will be held at Givens Performing Arts Center from 5:30-7:30

March 11-13: Marci at Imagine Learning Conference

March 12: School Faculty Meeting with Dr. Grimesey (rescheduled from February 16)--3:00-4:00

March 17: Pierce Group presentation on benefits and open enrollment--if you are unable to attend this meeting because it is not on a Wednesday, please let me know and I will give you the contact information of the presenter so that he can meet with you another time. It will be about 15 minutes long and will start around 2:45.

March 18: SIT meeting--we will be looking over the proposed master schedule for next year

March 16-20: SRI for students of concern

March 16-27: TR Math Benchmark

March 18: PAMS Performance--Hobey Ford & His Golden Rod Puppets--9:00 am

March 18: Marci Executive Coaching Session with Dr. Rutherford

March 19: Marci off campus in the afternoon

March 20: Celebration of West Southern Pines--Rescheduled because of snow day

March 24: Spring Picture Day

March 25: NC Pre-K application In-take @ SPP--12:00-5:30 (Just be aware--it will not affect schedules in any way.)

March 26: Kindergarten Celebration of the Arts

March 27: Early Release day and STEAM Collaborative Planning as grade levels from 1:00-3:00

April 17: Kindergarten Registration