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Family Newsletter - March 12th, 2023

Program Shifts for Next Year

Dear Kellogg families,

We wanted to make you aware of some shifts in our arts programming next year and the rationale behind it. I want to begin with some context that many may not be aware of.

For the past two years, we have had 6 teachers that do visual and performing arts of some kind split between 2 different schools. When you break down the logistics of this, it is an additional workload on these employees who we value very much. To do this for 2 years has taken its toll on them. We recognize this as a school. One of our goals in creating programming for next school year was to eliminate these staff members being split between 2 schools.

When doing forecasting, we recognize the desire that students have to be in these programs. Our solution to this, while not perfect, helps to provide resolution. Here is what is happening for next school year in alignment with the above stated goals.

  • We will be offering 8 sections of visual arts vs. 5 now. Both art teachers will be full time teachers at Kellogg next year.

  • We will be offering 4 sections of band, 1 section of guitar, 3 sections of choir and 2 sections of leadership with a focus around school events and planning. Currently there are 6 sections of music only. Both music teachers will be full time at Kellogg next year.

  • We will be offering 5 sections of dance vs. 3 now. Our dance teacher will be full time next year at Kellogg.

  • The trade off will be in the reduction of the half time drama program. We will not be able to offer drama during the day next year.

  • We are working to partner with SUN to offer drama after school and they are confident that we can work this partnership together.

We know that removing drama from the classes during the day is concerning for some. This was one of those trade offs to ensure staff retention and building out the other programs more in depth. We also believe we will be able to offer drama after school that will help offset some of that tradeoff.

In summary, by making these changes we are able to add stability to staffing, increase visual arts, music and dance offerings. The trade off is real and we acknowledge that but believe the after school programming will supplement much of this. Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

Kellogg Admin Team

DLI 8th graders and ESL Students continue their STAMP and ELPA Tests this week. Make sure devices are charged

SUN - Updated

Winter SUN classes will end on Friday March 10th

Spring SUN classes will run April 11-May 19th.

SUN class selection sheets will be available to students through their homerooms and in the main office beginning on Friday March 10th.

SUN class selection sheets are due March 20th.

**Late class selection sheets will result in an automatic WaitList position

Kellogg SUN will be partnering with StreetSoccerUSA in the Spring term to form a Middle School Soccer League with Reynolds Middle School. Students enrolled in Soccer during Spring SUN will be invited to participate in 2 weekend tournaments. Students will enroll in Soccer through the Spring SUN class selection sheet to participate in this opportunity.

Congratulations to our mostly 8th grade band who went to District 1 Festival this week and did great!

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Counselor Corner

I want to share this resource with you. Check out the link if you could benefit from support with home internet access. Reach out to your grade level counselor with any questions.


The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a new federal government program that helps

families pay for home internet and connected devices. The benefit provides:

  • Up to a $30/month discount on Internet service.

  • Up to a $75/month discount for households on qualifying Tribal lands.

  • A one-time discount of up to $100 for a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer purchased through a provider offering connected devices.

This week our counseling team wrapped up our forecasting. Next week we are excited to be getting back into classes and continuing with the pilot program.

Upcoming Info for Site Council Election


Join us this Wednesday at 6:30pm for the PTSA General Meeting! Find link and details below.

Volunteer Opportunity:

  • It is Kellogg PTSA's turn to volunteer at the PPS Clothing Closet located in Benson/Marshall High School on March 23rd and there are a few slots left to fill. We need volunteers to help families pick clothes for their students and to sort donations. You will be trained on how to do the tasks once you get there so no experience is needed - this is a great opportunity to support our PPS families! Please check out volunteer openings on the SIgn-Up Genius LINK.

Upcoming General PTSA Meetings:

All meetings are 6:30pm-8pm and virtual only for the time being. <Zoom Link>

  • Wednesday, March 15

  • Tuesday, April 18

  • Tuesday, May 16

  • Tuesday, June 6

Please contact us at with questions or suggestions.

Important Dates


15 - PTSA Meeting - 6:30 pm

16 - Chorus Concert

17 - Rising 6th graders visit from remaining schools

27-31 Spring Break

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Kellogg Specific Routes can be found HERE

Eligibility Search
Use this link to determine if you are eligible for big bus transportation services.

To request a bus stop be added, please contact our office at 503-916-5707, Please be aware that stop requests may take up to three weeks to process.

Reporting sites for harassment, safety threats or other unsafe acts

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