Popular Forms of Sales Promotion

by Zach Adams

Premium Item Give- Aways

Includes some type of give away or item for free, with purchase of ticket or anything that deals with the current event.

Contests and Sweepstakes

An event that deals with a winner and lots of losers. The winner receives an item that is provided by the contest/sweepstakes holder. However, sweepstakes generally involves luck while a contest usually involves a skill of some kind.


Gives the potential consumer a small sample or taste of an item or product. This gives the consumer an idea of what the product can do in a short time, so that the consumer can imagine what it would be like in the long run. For example, testing Nike cleats or shoes before purchase.

Point of Purchase Displays

Displays that are generally spotted at the entrance or exits of stores and stadiums. These are designed to spark a quick interest and get the last purchases that a consumer is willing to make. For example, Flex displays their product in an orderly fashion that stands out and is centered away from other products.

Special Events

A unique event that only happens once and is used to bring a bunch of people to an event that they usually would not attend. For example, fireworks night at the ball park.


Giving a discount for another item than the one being purchased currently. For example, buying a shirt at the Cotton Bowl gives you ten percent off, of your next visit.