For Sale: Earth

Asking Price: $600.00

EARTH is available to purchase right now!

Earth comes with every possible thing you could imagine. It has a sturdy interior that supports almost anything, plate tectonics that create a hard shell to protect you, an atmosphere that provides beautiful weather and oxygen, and a magnetic field that can attract the most beautiful objects in space.
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Plate Tectonics

The plate tectonics provide a hard inner shell that support the Earth. With this purchase you will get the best protection you need. This shell is called the Lithosphere and it is strong to make sure everything inside, which creates beautiful mountains and hills.
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Earth's Atmosphere

Earth's atmosphere gives us rain and water. This helps support us to have oxygen and other gases that help us get through life. Without it we would not be able to survive on Earth. This is a steal right now!
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Earth's Interior

Inside the Earth is broken into four different parts. Without these you wouldn't have a sturdy structure to live in. The crust provides us our home of beautiful mountains and islands, the Mantle is where the tectonic plates are housed that gives us our tropical storms, but those are just shifts in the plates that cause little harm. The Inner and Outer core are the main functions of the inside. The core helps protect Earth's magnetic field.
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Earth's Magnetic Field

The magnetic field is the most important part of your buy. Without this you would be burned into bits if ash. The magnetic field helps shield us from solar wind. The solar wind is deflected like water on the bow of a ship, which helps us live an easy, breezy life.