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4th transnational meeting in Dublin 14-15 April 2015 - Report of the partners about piloting progress

The partners of the LeaCoMM project presented in Dublin their report about the piloting progress of the material uploaded on the platform. They discussed also the improvements (technical aspects) done on the Platform following the comments received from the Piloting Users (PUGs)

It was also presented how the concept of learning community is implemented on the platform. The Learning Community will be working in groups that they will be able to create themselves or by joining the existing groups.

Inside the community members will be encouraged to use the proposed tools of collaborative learning (wiki, mind mapping, moocs, videos, etc.) The groups could be created for solving the specific problems related to LeaCoMM theme. The group can have different topics.

The partners will present their first impressions and results from the implementation and procedure of the e-learning groups on the LeaCoMM platform during the next meeting in Vilnius (15- 17 June 2015)

The LeaCoMM platform! a new way to create and commaborate!

The LeaCoMM platform is now online and you can create your own account and access educational resources and supports anytime. http://www.u3p.si/leacomm1/

If you are educator, educational trainer, teacher, student, school manager etc and you deal with migrant and intercultural education, you have now a significant web tool in your hand, the LeaCoMM platform which provides you with the appropriate e-learning environment for communicate, exchange and share ideas and materials, create new contents and the most important of all find solutions and feedback from teachers around the globe.

The Greek piloting group has already created an e-learning group on the platform and invites you to take part! our topic? Learning English through poetry!

Let us show that we can create our own educational material in the light of cooperation and with the help of innovative tools

LeaCoMM platform


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