Hill Elementary School ~ Oct. 13, 2015

Need 2 Know...Info/Reminders

Cardinal Code Expectations - Please take extra time to review cardinal code expectations in the restroom this week. As we discussed at last week's PD, this is an area that needs to be revisited. This would also be a good place to teach appropriate hand washing. It is critical that we follow the Health Department guidelines that Holly Halabicky shared regarding hand washing with soap and warm water for 20 seconds. Students should be washing their hands before and after eating. Putting the time in now, will save everyone time in the future.

Student Count Day - Thank you Ranee for a very smooth student head count day. We had 4 students out absent, two were sick and two were on prearranged vacations. Enrollment has stayed consistent! Great work everyone!

Teacher Evaluation - During our goal meetings I had shared information regarding teacher evaluations. That information has the potential of changing soon. There is new teacher evaluation legislation moving through Lansing. The proposed legislation includes:

~ 2015-16 At least 25% of the year end evaluation is based on student growth

~ 2016-17 Teacher and administrator training

~ 2017-18 School website will have to post evaluation information

~ 2018-19 At least 40% of the year end evaluation is based on student growth; 1/2 from State assessments and 1/2 from local assessments

Child Study - Our 2nd child study meeting will be on Wednesday, October 21st. If you have any students that you would like to bring, please make sure that you follow the child study/MTSS flow chart, update the SIDR, contact the parent, and let me know by the end of the week so they can be added to our schedule.

A little bit of PD.....

Staff Spotlight

This week I would like to recognize Leigh Anne Draper. 4th grade students have been learning about the three branches of government in Social Studies. In recent weeks I've been hearing students talk about their projects and how they were going to present their learning to their peers. By allowing students choice in how they were presenting their learning, it created some real enthusiasm and sparked some creativity as well. In addition, the opportunity to present their project solidified the learning of the content, as opposed to just turning in an assignment. Some of the project outcomes included songs, power point presentations, 3-D models, and poster boards. I love the collegiality, respect, and professionalism in the building as well. It was wonderful to hear from one of your peers, that what you had done inspired them to possibly try something different as well. Way to go Leigh Anne!

Celebrations and Announcements

Happy Birthday Linda Briggs! (10/18)

A few of the GREAT things that I noticed last week...

I received 4 positive office referrals. Thank you Linda for taking the time to write up these kiddos!

Kudos to Lisa for leading us through our electronic data wall. This is going to be a fantastic tool for teachers!

Thank you Amanda for the extra help in the mornings at student arrival! I really appreciate your presence!

I loved the collaboration during last week's PD. I'm excited that we were able to create graphic organizers from K- 4 narrative writing that align vertically. Great work everyone!

Thank you Joe & Lisa for your flexibility with specials schedules for our early release day! I really appreciate it.

The week ahead....

CARDINAL Code: Reteach Cardinal Code expectations on the restrooms. I'd like for teachers to take students through the Cardinal Code Week 1 lessons in the restroom. Please also emphasize hand washing during this!

Monday, 10-12-15

Author, Denise Brennan-Nelson visits Hill school

Tuesday, 10-13-15

TEAM - 2nd

After School Clubs

5:30 PTO Meeting (Linda Strine attends)

Wednesday, 10-14-15

After School Clubs

Thursday, 10-15-15

6:15am - Davison Optimist Club Mtg- Jen

9:30 Admin Meeting (Jen)

MI/MI State Tailgate luncheon

After School Clubs

Friday, 10-16-15

7:30 - Genesee County Elementary Principal's meeting (Jen)

Popcorn Day - Wear Hill Hero Shirts

Upcoming Dates....

Tuesday, October 20- Thursday, October 22 - Book Fair

Thursday, October 29 - Halloween Parties, Clubs end

Friday, October 30- PD/Teacher Work Day

Monday, November 2 - Friday, November 6 - Intersession

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Team building!

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