Multicultural Fiction

By Sophia Rozek and Eddie Preliwitz

General Information

Leaders from outside their culture represented in a novel can help gain understanding of the lives of their neighbors.

Multicultural Fiction has characters such as African American, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, Asian, Native American, Jewish etc.

This has various genres, and it has a diverse in style as its characters perspective.

Life of Pi

Francis Adirubasamy tells the anonymous author in the story about Pi Patel, a man who was brought up in Hinduism, and studied Christianity and the Islamic religion.

Pi goes on a cargo ship with his family and many zoo animals going to Canada. The ship sinks and he ends up on a life boat with a tiger. After many adventures, they end up on a Mexican beach.

They talk about the cultures of Canada, India, Mexico and Japan.

Short Stories that include Multicultural Fiction

Explains many different cultures.