Barrio Boy

Ariana Dowell

Adobe, Location 1

Ernesto was born in a Adobe, an Adobe is a small clay hut, most commonly used for housing. He was born in Jalco, Mexico.
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This is a picture of an Adobe House where Ernesto may have lived.
"i showed up in an Adobe cottage" line 2, Chapter 1, page 1.
This is important because it shows the conditions he lived in for the first years of his life.

Forest, Location 2

Ernesto's home and town was neighboring a rainforest of tree's.
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Forest within mexico, showing how the surroundings looked.
"The trees make stockade on both sides that gave the trail the look and feel of a winding tunnel." line 18, Chapter 1, page 1
Shows where Ernesto would possibly go hunting for food and supplys.

Plaza, Location 3

The plaza was a "time square" of his town. Where everyone met and where the Church was located.
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The Adobe Plaza was usually empty and sandy. The Church was located near the middle.
"in a village like Jalcocotan there was little use for either the chaple or plaza" line 22, Chapter 1, page 7.
It's important because it showed where his family originated.