The Pacific World

Location, Landform and Climate

Samoa is an island in the South Pacific that forms part of Polynesia and the wider region of Oceania.

The larger islands are volcanic in origin, mountainous and covered in tropical moist forest. Some of the smaller islands are coral with black sand beaches.

Western Samoa's climate is very tropical. There is no major seasonal differences. The island has rainy and dry seasons. The days and nights are almost of equal length.

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History, People and Languages

In July, 1997, Western Samoa formally adopted the name "Samoa." Western Samoa was the first Polynesian state to gain independence from New Zealand in 1962. It 1893 there was a Civil War that took place.

The population of the Samoan Islands is approximately 250,000.

Most Samoans are full-blooded and are one of the largest Polynesian populations in the world. The Samoan people are a Polynesian ethnic group. They are free of any ethnic tension.

The language that they speak is English, some French and their own Samoan language.

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Land use, Natural Resources, and Current Issues

Tourism is an expanding sector, but earthquakes and tsunamis hurt the amount of people coming. Exports consist mainly of fish and agriculture products.

Natural Resourses are mainly hardwood forest, fish and hydropower.

Current Issues consist of earthquakes, tsunamis, and typhones. Which all can cause major health risks.

Plants and Animals

Religion, Education, and Traditions

Mostly Christian and parts Cathalic. Samoa is based around religions, there moto is "Samoa is founded on God."

They have a four year primary system that is mainditory and have a choice to go to the secondary schooling. The village schools give four year primary schooling, where the district schools train the more intelagent and provides a more upper level.

Traditions include, Cooking food in a traditional underground fire "Umu" done every Sunday. Elders ALWAYS eat first!

They wear traditional wraps to church and any religous event. Main part of Samoa's culture is faith, family and music.

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