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Help your child find what motivates them to explore, reach and grow. I hope your September school startup was good for you and your children. Throughout October and beyond, we want our kids to continue to work hard at school, persevere and not give up easily. Please check out the tips and video clips below to help you motivate your children to do the best they can in school. Also, included are parenting success video clips and a great resource called the "emotional toolbox" to help you teach your children emotional smarts.


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raising kids who are motivated and hardworking

helpful short video clips below

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parenting success tips

Parenting Success Tip 1: Assume Best Intention
Parenting Success Tip 2: Success Breeds Success!
Parenting Success Tip 3: Stay Calm!
Parenting Success Tip 4: Don't do it Alone!
Parenting Success Tip 5: Manage Triggers!
Parenting Success Tip 6: Take the Marathon View

if you missed september's flyer on parent/teacher relationships, please see below...

counselling services in our communities

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