The Wolf of Wall Street

The Book, The Movie, The Legend

About the Book

The Wolf of Wall Street is a book about Jordan Belfort, a stock broket who wanted was born poor and rose to infinite money and infamousy. This book is actually interesting as it is a accurate, yet fictional account of the author, who is in fact, Jordan Belfort. The paperback is actually pretty long, its 528 pages. Although, if you enjoy intellectual books though, this one is suprisingly good.

My Opinion on the Book

I read the book because I ran out of books that were interesting to me, and Andrew Lee recommended it to me. A couple things I read and really liked was the mentality of the book, the antics of Jordan Belfort, and the suspense of the book. The book was all about getting rich quick (illegally), and doing it without getting caught. There are a few things that I did not like about the book though. One of them is the book is really, really, really long. The second thing I did not like about the book is the fact that the book can be a little dry sometimes, mostly becuase alot of it deals with the personal thoughts of Jordan Belfort and alot of how he got his money, but in a long, technical aspect.

If I could read one book before I died, it would not be this book. The book is good, but not that good. Maybe I would choose this book though, because Id live for a while (this book is long). Really, I didnt make any connections with the text. My life is nothing like the book. Although my life is nothing like Belfort's, I would say that my favorite quote is, “Without action, the best intentions in the world are nothing more than that: intentions.” or "There is no nobility in poverty." I would recommend this book to peope who either liked the movie and want more detail, or want to watch the movie but dont want all the nudity.

One thing that the book does talk about is the tendencies and the faults in some people. Alot of people are selfish, and will try to get as much money as possible and try to make their own lives as perfect as possible while ruining others. It also shows that what goes around comes around. The fact that Jordan Belfort came to the top, and then fell hard shoes that while people can be cruel and selfish, they will always get what is coming to them.