Team Dazzle & Dream

January 2014 Newsletter

Organized in Style!

January is a tough month for Direct Sales, but as a team, we beat it down! With the 1/2 price organizing products, you reached out to customers and they responded.

Remember the booking blitz and the fun snowball fight on Facebook? It helped your business, didn't it?! DON'T STOP REACHING OUT and offering the opportunity to earn free products! You did amazing in January, so why stop now?

Is your business a little stale?! February's special is SURE to get it moving again, with $10 Zip-Top Organizing Utility Totes! Reach out to your customers and make sure they realize the Organizing Utility Tote now has a ZIPPER and it's ON SALE! You might be surprised!

Your Director's Stats

Parties: 5

Personal Volume: $3494.50

Recruits: 3

Paycheck w/o leadership: $873.62

Paycheck because I chose leadership: $1232.47

$200 Club (Personal Volume)

Charissa N $289

Barbara K $337

Nice job, gals! Way to keep your business moving!

$500+ Club (Personal Volume)

Tracey F $708

Brooke C $736.50

Julie S $769

Amanda M $975

WOoohOoo! Look at those stats! Way to go girls, and congrats to Amanda for a huge kickoff party!

$1000+ Club (Personal Volume)

Kari B $1050.50

Jamie $1407.50

Carol $1901.50

WOW! So proud of you girls for working your business so hard right after the holidays! Take this momentum and go forward strong into Spring!

Congratulations to Carol Delegan for being TOP SELLER and #1 on our team in January with total sales of $1901.50!! Go Carol!

Dream Builders

Angela: 3 new team members

Hoping to see other names here soon! Build your team!


Amanda Mrozek

Rebecca Knoll

Brooke Griffin

I'm so excited you're joining us on this amazing journey!


-Check out the Conference Bucks Information on the bottom of this page!

-Reach out regarding our monthly special! Everyone's been waiting for this zipper forever!

- Strong Start Call EVERY Monday Night!! This is MANDATORY! New Consultants you should make an effort to get on this call! Great Information and you only need to listen ONCE! Its the same info each week from a great director. An amazing Director will offer you some amazing techniques to "Jump Start" your business! Call is at 9pm EST/ 8pm CST:

Conference Dial-in Number: (661) 673-8600

Participant Access Code: 608238#

-February Special:

~ Zip Top Organizing Tote! Spend $35 and get this tote for $10.

~ ALL MONOGRAMMING only $5 for the month on everything, including ICON IT's, just not collegiate!

~ Hostess Special. They can also get that ZIP OUT for $10 with party from $200-$599. They can get it FREE if party over $600! And she doesn't have to spend the $35 to qualify for it!! Yeah!

****Call your customers who LOVE the original classic Organizing Utility Tote and let them know about the ZIP top! They love that it closes & will probably want one. And its continuing that relationship too!!!

How many Zip-Top Utility Totes have YOU sold?! I'm up to 5 and looking to sell more!

What Can I Do?

I'd love to help you with your business! If you'd like a coaching call, I'd be happy to talk to you when it works on your schedule! Contact me immediately to set a time!

Don't forget: has tons of great training calls and videos! 31 minute calls are AWESOME to jumpstart your business!

Angela Myers

I'm a mother to 3 young children and a wife to an amazing man. Formally a teacher, I've become a full-time Director with Thirty-One, enabling me to be home with my children and pursue my own dreams. It all started because I just wanted that discount. . . . . .