Student Materials Pick Up/Drop Off

Glacier Ridge Elementary School 05.06.20

Dear Glacier Ridge Families,

As we enter the final weeks of the school year, we wanted to relay our plan for dropping off items that belong to the school and picking up students’ personal belongings. To adhere to social distancing guidelines and ensure safety, this process will be conducted as a “drive-through” so there is no need to get out of your car.

Mark your calendars: (Please note that the times rotate and are by your CHILD’s Last Name.)

Our end-of-year drop-off / pick-up events will occur on:

  • Friday, May 22
    9-11 am (Child’s Last Name A-H)
    1-3 pm (Child’s Last name I - Q)
    5 - 7 pm (Child’s Last Name R - Z)

  • Tuesday, May 26
    9-11 am (Child’s Last Name R - Z)
    1-3 pm (Child’s Last Name A-H)
    5 - 7 pm (Child’s Last name I - Q)

  • Wednesday, May 27
    9-11 am (Child’s Last name I - Q)
    1-3 pm (Child’s Last Name R - Z)
    5 - 7 pm (Child’s Last Name A-H)

Items to be dropped off include:

  • Books and other curriculum material (Note: Some photos of these items are linked here for your convenience.)
    If you are returning to a District 47 School next year, you will NOT need to return any technology devices at this time.

  • Library books (from the LMC or teacher classroom libraries)

  • Classroom Materials such as: Word Sort boxes, Reading Bags, etc.

Items to be picked up include:

  • Personal belongings from student’s locker and desk

  • Medication, if applicable

  • Polar Publishing book (for those that participated)

  • Art projects from throughout the school year

Things to note:

  • Chromebooks / iPads: Students returning to District 47 may keep their devices over the summer; these items do NOT need to be returned to the school until next fall. If your student is not returning in the fall, please include the Chromebook/iPad with the charger in the items being returned. Families who received wifi hotspots for remote learning will be contacted by the school district to coordinate the return of these devices. Should you have any questions related to your child’s Chromebook/iPad or technology, please contact or call 815-788-5060. You can also use the “live chat” feature on the district website at Live chat hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 4pm.

  • Item exchange:

    • Please have a paper/sign clearly labeled with your child(ren)s’ first and last name(s), grade(s), and teacher(s) to hold up in your window so we will know which belongings to put in your trunk.

    • Items being returned should be placed in the trunk or rear of the car and should be labeled with the student's first and last names, grade and teacher.

    • Personal belongings retrieved from student lockers will be placed in plastic bags labeled with the student's name. Staff handling these items will follow social distancing guidelines. Personal belongings will be placed in the trunk or rear of the car.

  • Band instruments: Students who plan to participate in band in middle school may keep their instrument over the summer. Students who do not plan to participate in middle school band and who rented their instrument from an outside vendor, please see instructions below:

    • To return an instrument to Quinlan and Fabish: Bring your instrument to the Arlington Heights location at 59 Seegers Road for a curbside drop-off. Quinlan and Fabish is open for curbside drop-off Monday-Saturday, 1pm-4pm. Text the store at 847-253-5592 when you arrive.

    • To return an instrument to another company: Please contact the company to learn about their return procedure.

  • To help us plan for when you will be picking up and dropping off items, PLEASE ADHERE TO THE TIMES GIVEN FOR YOUR CHILD’S LAST NAME.

If you have any questions or if you are unable to come to the school at one of the days/times listed above, please call the main office at (815)444-4850 or email Mr. Jacobsen ( AND Mrs. Adams ( Thank you so much for your support in making this a smooth process by only coming at your allocated time. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces through the windows!


Mr. Jacobsen and Mrs. Adams