"A Child Called It"

Jada Primus


A child called it is about a young boy name David that gets starved and beaten by his mother, Catherine. David dosen"t want to tell his teachers,assistant, and the principle because he dosen"t want to get in trouble
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The main character is David and he is the one who is struggling by not getting fed and getting beaten by his mother.

David's mom name is Catherine, Catherine abuses her son David, if he does not do his chores he gets beaten.


"A child called it" theme is about forms of child abuse, and child abuse isn't okay.

Important Event

Dave failed first grade and his mother beat him, banned him from television, denied him dinner and sent him to stand in the garage until bedtime.

Dave Analysis and Quote from the book

1:Dave is a helpless child when his mother abuses him on the daily basis.

2: Dave dosen"t want to tell his teachers, principles that he gets abused at home. Teachers and principles want Dave to come out and tell the truth.

"Inside, my soul became so cold I hated everything. I even despised the sun, for I knew I would never be ale to play in its warm presence." -Dave


I would recommend this book to an older age group because it does contain a lot of violence and bad language. I would also recommend this book to everyone that might not understand how badly abusing is..