Somalia to Minnesota

By Nora Daigle

Why does Somalia come to Minnesota?

Somalia comes to Minnesota because there is a lot more opportunities to do other things, we have a stronger economy than they do, we have more freedoms, our health care is better, and we have better education.

Why do Somalians leave Somalia?

Somalians leave Somalia because they have really bad weather, more specifically they have a lot of droughts, there economy isn't as strong, and they don't really have a government right now.

Ravenstein's laws of migration

The law that migration to Somalia best falls into is, "Most migration is from rural to urban." Because most of Somalia are rural areas so they are moving into Minnesota's bigger cities. The law that doesn't fit into this migration is, " Most migrants travel only a short distance." Because Somalia is, one a totally different country, and two Somalia is on the edge of South America

Where do Somalians mainly live in Minnesota?

What are some challenges that they face in Minnesota?

The face a lot of acceptance challenges when they establish business in a small city, more particularly in Wilmer, MN

What do they do for jobs in Minnesota?

Most Somalians are cab drivers, because it does not require a lot of English knowledge.