Ms. Pando Newsletter

Sept. 28, 2015

Classes within our class!

Ms. Pando wanted to let everyone know that on Mondays the class will begin a Technology class and a Music class!

Reminder that Wednesdays are PE and kids should wear the appropriate clothes and shoes on that day!

Library Card applications!

Ms. Pando will be sending home applications for library cards in preparation for our first visit to the West Hollywood library.

Anyone who wishes for their child to get a library card should fill those out and send them back to her as soon as possible please!

Book Orders

Book orders were submitted on Friday and we should be receiving them in under two weeks.

Anybody who didn't order books will have an opportunity to do so every month as we will be sending out the orders on a monthly basis.


Our attendance is hovering at around 96%. That is the minimum percentage that LAUSD is expecting for the school year so PLEASE make sure to get the kids in their seats every day and ON TIME!!

As for school dismissal Ms. Pando really needs you to please pick up your child at bell!! This is especially important on Tuesdays when Ms. Pando has staff meetings that she has to attend. So please please make every effort to be there to pick up your kiddo when the bell rings. THANKS!

Reading Logs

Reading logs will be added to our homework beginning next week. Ms. Pando will be checking them on a daily basis so it is important that homework folders are returned every day.

The requirement for the reading log is 15 minutes of reading. The reading can be the child reading independently, the child reading with a parent, or a child being read to by a parent or an older sibling.

A signature will be required each day.

Testing for reading levels

Ms. Pando wanted to let everyone know that they are almost done testing all of the students for their reading levels. Once they have finished we will send out a notice informing parents what level their child tested out so that they can get books that are at their proper reading level.

Building and Grounds in need of volunteers WED, SEPT. 30

B&G needs parent volunteers on Wednesday to help plant the garden beds!!

Meet in the garden area at 8:30am.

Halloween Committee Needs Your Help

Next meetings are scheduled for:

Wed., Sept. 30, Wed., Oct. 14 and Wed., Oct. 28 at 8:20am in B5

If you’d like to volunteer for Halloween, please email Cathy Colvin at:

Spirit Wear

Spirit Wear Day is the first three Friday's of every month.

Spirit Wear is available for purchase on the FOWHE website anytime or you can use the link below. Orders are delivered to your child's classroom on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month. Please make sure and fill out the required info completely.


Friday, Oct. 2, 8:30am on the upper patio (outside of the Teachers Lounge)

This is a great way to get to know Mr. Pannell and meet the wonderful parents at our school.

*For those who have already signed up to help, please email Joel Mejia at

Helping the class

Ms. Pando would like to have the tables cleaned in class every morning at 8am.

Especially with Cold and Flu season coming up, this would be a great help!

So if you have a few minutes to spare at drop off, it would be really appreciated! Thanks!

Annual Pledge Drive – The Time Is Now

Our Annual Giving Campaign is in full swing and the time to give is now! Remember, we would like 100% participation. Our goal is to raise $325,000.

Each and every one of our students is counting on you to help continue to provide them arts programs, music, enrichments, technology, extra support staff and other basics to ensure a quality education.

Without your dollars these are all in jeopardy of being cut from our school.

Upcoming Dates!

Friday, Oct. 16 – Movie Night at 5:30pm

Friday, Oct. 30 – Halloween Parade/Carnival

Wednesday, Nov. 11 – No School-Veteran’s Day

Last Friday of every month – Free Dress Day

15% off Halloween Costumes, Plus 15% To Our School

For those in need of Halloween costumes.

Attached is a flyer for Orderer receives 15% and our school gets 15%. Win/win.



Cubscout Pack Meetings Every Other Thursday; 6:15pm in the Auditorium

Sept. 24, Oct. 8, Oct. 22, Nov. 5 and every other Thursday thereafter

Helpful Links

West Hollywood Elementary Annual Pledge Drive. For information and links to donate now, please visit the FOWHE web site Annual Giving Campaign page:

Purchase our school’s Spirit Wear online now– all proceeds come back to our school!

Stop-and-Drop, instructions and safety guidelines:

Easy Money for Our School: Remember to register your shopping cards (Ralph’s, Vons and more!) to help raise money for our school:

FOWHE Web Site: