Mission to Mars


Seasons on Mars

Mars' seasons will be longer than Earths' because the years are longer. The reason Mars has seasons is because it revolves around the sun on an axis.

Tides on Mars

Mars does not have tides because there is no ocean water that's not frozen. Earth has unfrozen water.

Eclipses on Mars

The eclipses will happen more often on Mars then Earth because Mars has two moons. When one of the moons (Phobos and Deimos) line up directly in between the sun and Mars, or Mars gets in between the sun and one of the moons it will cause an eclipse. This way it casts a shadow on either Mars or the moon. The same goes for Earth.

Moon phases on Mars

Mars does have moon phases, but they are different than those on Earth. The phases are the same, but you see two at a time since there are two moons. The reason we have moon phases is the moons revolve around the planet and as they do, you see different phases at different times.