8th Grade Newsletter

App State Mountaineer Team


Happy Monday Parents!

The first set of progress reports go home today! Make sure to ask your child to see them. They are due back to homeroom teachers by Wednesday!

If you have any questions about grades or want to schedule a conference with us, call the main office - 910-326-3601

If you have not already, please sign up for our team Remind101 account. We send out important reminders such as when tests, quizzes and projects are due! Both parents and students can join. It is a great way to stay connected!

Signing up is easy: just text @sbmsgrade8 to the number 81010. Any issues don't hesitate to contact one of us!

Science: Kimberly Bullock


Math: Melba Corbell


Social Studies: Madeleine Hobbs


Language Arts: Amy Garrett



Ms. Bullock

This week in Science we will be starting our first major unit, Chemistry! We will start with the basics of matter and the different types - elements, compounds and mixtures. Students will also conduct two experiments this week. They will physically build the different types and will learn how to separate mixtures. Your child will also have a small quiz on the material at the end of the week!


Mrs. Corbell

This week in Math 8 we will be reviewing the number system, then applying those concepts to compare and order numbers on a number line, and solve problems.

This week in Math I we will be focusing on applying mathematical properties to solve multi-step equations and inequalities. The students will be creating their equations and applying to stories created by them

It is important for both classes that students review their notes daily, and practice applying their vocabulary terms to everyday activities.

Language Arts

Mrs. Garrett

This week in ELA we will continue to explore theme, conflict, and plot elements. Students will be challenged as they apply concepts and learn to provide textual evidence to support a literary analysis. On Tuesday, I will also be introducing the independent reading component of our ELA class. Last week all students checked out a library book from the media center. They should be reading at minimum 20 minutes a day, four times a week. On Thursday, we will have our first vocabulary quiz of the year. I have created a Quizlet study set for your child to study. You can access this through our class Edmodo page. Late this week your child will also be receiving their first formal writing assignment.

Social Studies

Ms. Hobbs

This week in Social Studies we will begin exploring the Colonial period. We will start the week with the first English settlements in the New World, working our way through the creation of the 13 colonies. While we will learn about the government, economy, and foundation of each of the colonies, the North Carolina colony will be a major focus. There will be a quiz Thursday on this content.

Important School Dates

September 19: Heart and Sole kicks off
September 19: Softball Game (SBMS at NBMS) - Go Pirates!
September 20: Boating Class for 8th graders starts at lunch
September 20: Football Game (TMS at SBMS) - Go Pirates!
September 21: Softball Game (TMS at SBMS) - Go Pirates!
September 22: 1/2 day dismissmal at 11:25am
September 23: Swansboro High School Homecoming Parade