Farming in Ancient Egypt

What is the significance of farming in Ancient Egypt?

In Ancient Egyptian times, farming was one of the most significant jobs in daily life. Farming was important for the crops and all the food for the Egyptians. Farming helped the Egyptians survive in the hot desert.
The crops were very important for every day life. The crops that farmers grew were wheat, barley, grain, pomegranates, onions, leeks, beans, radishes, cabbages, lentils, garlic , peas, cucumbers and lettuce. They also grew flax which was made into linen. One of the most important crops was grain because there was NO rice or potatoes.
Farming equipment provided an easier way to help farm the crops. Ancent Egyptians peasants used ploughs, rakes, baskets, wood ,sickles, rope and hoes. They used wood and stone, only rarely with copper cutting edges. Hoes had wooden handles as long as your arm. A wooden blade was connected to the hoe. Sickles were made of two pieces of wood from the donkey's lower jaw with pieces of flint glued tightly to it.
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In Ancient Egypt, the livestock helped the workers grow the crops. Cows , oxen and bulls were the MOST useful animals in Anicent Egypt. On Egyptian farms, cattle pulled ploughs through moist and fertile soil created by the flooding of the Nile River. Cows provided milk and meat. Sheep and goats provided milk, meat and wool. Other animals were kept for food such as geese, antelopes, gazelles, pigs, duck and hens.

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In Ancient Egypt, the Nile helped the crops grow. Swelled by rains in the highlands far to the South, the Nile jumped its banks and soaked the surrounding fields every summer. The Nile left rich black silt helping wheat, barley, fruit and vegetables grow. The Egyptians believed that their land had been blessed by the gods.
The significance of farming in Ancient Egypt was vital for their exsitence as it has been throughout human life. They were very creative in making tools and very clever in how they used the water from the Nile River. They produced very heathy vegetables, fruits and grew grain and wheat which was their main source of fruit.



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