Super Bowl 50

Panthers vs. Broncos


"Watch out!" All the sudden you see a football flying through the air then you see Peyton Manning with the rest of the Broncos, they're getting ready for Super Bowl 50. Some kid yells "There is Cam Newton!" The two teams, Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers, are competing in the super bowl. The Broncos will win the super bowl I guarantee!

Denver Is Experienced

The Denver Broncos is more experienced with super bowls. They were in six super bowls they only one two of them. In 2014 Broncos went to the super bowl against the Seattle Seahawks. They also make it to the playoffs almost every year and they went to the playoffs twenty-one times since they were founded. Denver's record is twelve and four! John Elway was the former quarterback for the Broncos and he is now the manager for them. Broncos may never won a lot of Super Bowls, but they have manny accomplishments in their time of being founded.

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning may be one of the oldest quarterbacks in the NFL, but he is most likely the best. Peyton has help from his dad Archie Manning, and Archie was a quarterback. Peyton even lead the Colts to the super bowl in 1999 right before he went to the Broncos. He has six MVPs (most valuable player) that is really cool! He is such a good quarterback he was best offense twice! Peyton Manning is such a good quarterback he is in the Hall of Fame!


Denver has a lot of catches thrown by Peyton Manning, but caught by the receivers. Demaryius Thomas was ranked twenty out of one hundred receivers he also has fourty-seven touchdowns in his entire career! Andre Caldwell has about 1,500 (4,500 feet) yards! Cj Anderson has a 4.5 average. All together the receivers have nine-teen touchdowns. All together they have over 3,000 (9,000 feet) yards. You can't have a football team without receivers!

Carolina Panthers

Panthers are not as experienced as the Broncos. They haven't been to the super bowl since 2004, that was eleven seasons ago. Cam newton ,the quarterback, never won a super bowl before. Cam got sacked (quarterback that got tackled with the football) twenty-eight times. Panthers only have fifty-nine touchdowns and over three hundred first downs. Panthers are good for the NFL but not as good enough for the super bowl.


In conclusion I believe that the Denver Broncos will defeat the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. Denver has so many advantages like they are more experienced with super bowls, Peyton Manning, and great receivers! I would bet fifty dollars that the Broncos will win the super bowl!


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