Just Blame Your Phone for it All

Ever noticed that many problems are because of your phone?


The effect of media and phones is a bunch of bad nonsense. Phones are getting more and more distracting as we get more and more addicted. These distractions are affecting us in many ways such as earning bad grades and death. Texting and driving is a very serious distractions because so many people are dying each year. While trying to do homework on your phone notifications are bound to get you off topic. There are possible solutions for these distractions so you don't get so distracted you get bad grades or in a terrible car accident. Think about it, everywhere you go you see someone with their eyes drawn into their phone not focusing on the world around them. Even if you are the one distracted on your phone you could kill others who weren't doing anything wrong. While these distractions cause dangerous things to you, think about the others around you and if your dangering them too.



Media is a big distraction especially when it comes to school work. Lots of time you use your phone or computer to help out with your school work, but usually you find something that is more interesting so you get off topic. Once your off topic, you might get some notification of people communicating with you so then you start talking to them. After about 30 minutes, you realize that your off topic and have to get back to your school work. Media is a great way of getting you off task and drawn in like a drug addiction. In the link below it shows that cell phones are too distracting to be used in the classroom. "Students use (cellphones) to text or communicate with friends. It's a great communication tool, not necessarily an educational tool," said Zane Schwartz, a student trustee with the Toronto District School Board who is in Grade 12 at Leaside High School (Rushowy). This is a very true statement that is true for even the kids in middle school not just high schoolers.


A solution to this would be to turn off your notifications to help you from wanting to communicate with your friends instead of doing your work. Without seeing those notifications you should be able to stay on topic and not know if your friends are trying to reach out to you. This would also help you focus and not have other thoughts about what’s going on right now with other. Phones distracting people during their work is earning bad grades because they get so distracted by other people communicating with them. If you turn off your notifications though, you won't know if someone is talking to you. Another thing you could do is to set out a time where you can't use your phone for social media; this would help you work without a distraction too and know that after you work you can use your social media again. This is the best solution that you could possibly do though would to have self control. This would help you stop yourself from getting off topic as much because you know that you need to do your school work before social media.


http://ic.galegroup.com/ic/suic/NewsDetailsPage/NewsDetailsWindow?failOverType=&query=&prodId=SUIC&windowstate=normal&contentModules=&display-query=&mode=view&displayGroupName=News&limiter=&u=j043905051&currPage=&disableHighlighting=false&displayGroups=&sortBy=&source=&search_within_results=&p=SUIC&action=e&catId=&activityType=&scanId=&documentId=GALE%7CA216519387Media Is not as good as it sounds. Just like there are pros and cons to everything. Media comes in as a major con when driving. 1 in 4 crashes are caused by people on there phones. The text states, “ The National Safety Council announced Tuesday its new findings that 1.6 million accidents a year are caused by cell phone use - a number that increases by more than a million earlier official estimates, and gives new fodder to a growing, nationwide anti-distracted driving movement,”. In the past before the uprising of phones there were less than 1 million crashes in the U.S. out of the 318 million people. Though not all people use their phones while driving out of the 294 million that do 104 million are unlicensed. That's another con to the driving situation and is affecting us in many different ways.


This solutions is very easy and simple, don't do it! Texting and driving is so dangerous for you and everyone else around. If you really need to answer you can pull aside into a parking lot where your car isn't moving and answer. However, if you have a passenger you can tell them what you want them to type. Swerving, speeding, going slow, and missing a green light are all effects of texting and driving. Connecting your phone to your car when you're on a call is also a good idea, so that you can have both hands on the steering wheel. However, the best way to not get distracted by your phone is to simply not go on it while driving. If nobody was on the roads and on their phone at the same time, we might have some more people alive today.


Media such as phones is used very often. Getting distracted by your phone is not odd, it is because you get so addicted that you can't seem to take your eyes off of it. Even when you have something better to be doing or it could put you in a dangerous situation you still want to be on your phone. Connections with your phones are getting more important than the ones with your family since you would risk your life to be on you phone.


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