The zombie opiate of death

Emergence of krokodil

Krokodil is an opiate that appeared in Russia first in 2002. It started showing up in Siberia and has spread throughout the country since then. While several drugs very addictive and physically damaging, krokodil has got to be the worst for fast destruction of mind, spirit and body. In 2013 reports of its use began cropping up in the U.S.

History of krokodil

  • Synthesized in US in 1934
  • Used as a opiate to kill intense pain
  • Used as chemical formula desomorphine

What is krokodil?

  • Krokodil is an opiate similar to heroine
  • It is a derivative from codeine, a weaker opiate
  • Through mixing common ingredients with codeine, the product is desomorphine
  • It is 10X stronger than morphine with a shorter half-life of about two hours
  • This means abusers must use more of the drug to feel the effect than that of morphine or heroine

How is the Krokodil taken into the body

  • The only way to absorb krokodil is injection.
  • You won't feel the pain for long though

Slang names

Best one: Russian Magic

Others: Cheornaya, Himiya, krokodil,

It has not been in the USA long enough, nor has it hit streets enough to have many street names

How does the drug affect the body?

Short term

  • The impurities in krokodil eat away at the flesh, skin, and blood vescles
  • Gives the appearence of crocodile skin

Long term

  • Most users die within 2 years of first usage
  • Gangrene leads to amputations
  • Brain damage
  • Rotting teeth

Signs of abuse

You will know if you see any of the following

  • A person who looks like a zombie
  • A person who looks like a dead zombie
  • A person who is passed out in the corner with a needle in his arm
  • A person who is dead in the corner with a needle in his arm


  • This drug is physically addictive
  • As an opiate it binds to the endorphin receptors and ramps up production, killing pain in the body