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Inspired this week by writing!

As we begin Writing Benchmarks this week, I was thinking about just how critical writing is for all of us. Written communication is one of the ways that we can express our ideas to others.

I enjoy writing and have since I was young. Today, when I stop to think about how I learned to write or why I enjoy it so much, I think back to my elementary teachers who encouraged my writing, who gave me critical feedback, taught me the importance of word choice and editing, and most importantly enjoyed and valued what I wrote. As a young student, I will never forget when a teacher of mine choose my poem to be published in a poetry anthology. Thinking back, she probably decided to publish everyone's in my class, but that small gesture helped me to gain confidence in my writing and made me feel extra special.

That's what our job as educator's often entails...showing students that their work is beautiful, and meaningful, and their voice matters.

This week's writing benchmark is really just a snapshot of where our student's writing is at this time during the year, but I hope you can find something exceptional in their work and share a positive compliment ...they will not forget your feedback.

Elementary Meetings this Week

Monday, Nov 16--Campus Site Base Meeting--3:35pm @ RtI Lab

Tuesday, Nov 17--Elementary Testing Committee Meeting--3:35pm @ Psencik Lab

Thursday, November 19--Innovation Days Committee Meeting--3:35pm @ Ramirez Office

Students Early Pickup from Class

Please understand that parents do have the right to pick up their children at any time they need to. While we suggest and encourage parents to notify us ahead of time, we all know that is not always possible. If students need to leave early, please send them to the office and let them know about work they will be missing. If this becomes a frequent problem for the same student, I would recommend discussing your concern with the parent. Open communication is the best way to notify parents of concerns you have, and the expectations you have for students. Thanks!

Writing Benchmarks & TELPAS

Writing Benchmarks are this week. Please collect your student's writing samples. We will discuss your findings at upcoming PLC Meetings.

Don't stress about this, it is a snapshot of where your students are at this time in the year. We will use the data from this Benchmark to help guide further instruction.

***Additionally, something to think about.... wouldn't it be a good idea to have students write TELPAS samples about content areas like Math, Science, or Social Studies. This gives the students opportunities to practice composing writing samples, and exposure to this format of writing. Just like other "tests" that we practice for, we should also consider practicing for this assessment.

Wonderful Websites and Web 2.0 Resources

You Might want to check out The Learning Station.

This online resource has Free videos that make great Brain Breaks! There are also some good resources and music for learning! Below is a sample of a fun Turkey Dance that students will love!

A Turkey Dance for Fun!

Thanksgiving Songs for Children - A Turkey Dance - Dance Songs for Kids by The Learning Station

PBL--Thanksgiving and Black Friday Ads

Check out this Great Blog Post and

Ready to USE PBL Project!

An important day that is coming up later this month is Thanksgiving. And, to many people, the day following the holiday--"Black Friday"--is also a very big deal. That's the inspiration for this week's exercise.

A number of major retailers (Wal-Mart and Target, to name a couple) are hoping to extend "Black Friday" by opening their doors on Thanksgiving Day. The reasons are sound enough: it's what the consumers want, it will help keep order and increase safety on the actual Black Friday, and it provides employees the opportunity to earn double their normal pay. However, there are many people who feel that turning Thanksgiving into another retail day is not such a great thing (especially if you're one of those employees who has to rush to work just as the family was planning to cut the turkey).

Just as with most issues in life, the answers aren't so cut and dry. Your students will have a chance to view all viewpoints and come up with their own answer to the question: Should retail stores open on Thanksgiving Day? Here's a link to this exercise:.......Click Here to continue reading

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2nd Six Weeks Balloon Luncheon

EAFK Character Trait: SERVICE

The month of November, our character trait is Service.

Our next Knighting Ceremony for Respect will be this week, Wednesday, November 18th

Nov 13/Nov 16--Accolade due

Remember to please call your parent again to confirm that they will attend. We want to be sure all of our students have their family there on this special day!

Nicole Ramirez, M.Ed. Principal

I strive to be a Connected Educator that uses my online PLN to access resources, ideas, and information. I often participate in Twitter Chats, visit blogs, and follow Educators online. I believe this helps me to grow professionally, and continually learn. I hope that the Inspirations Memo can provide you with ideas, information and resources you can use. I will aspire to be the Lead Learner for our Campus, and I hope you will join me in learning.