What it is & What it isn't...

What is a PLC?

A PLC is a Planned Learning Community. It is not just a team for a particular grade level. It is incorporating many different aspects into and levels into the learning community. In order for students to best learn they need the support from their teachers, parents, community members, and administrators on campus. A planned learning community works together to achieve the best outcome for the students that it serves in order to make their learning that much more enriching for them.

A PLC is NOT...
A place for us to prioritize students according to their ability. There is no need to separate students based on their performance. All students are able to perform, teachers just need to give them the right tools in order to do so. It is not just another boring professional development in order to waste time.

School Personnel Involved

  • Principal
  • Vice Principal
  • Grade Level Team Lead
  • Teachers

Goals of a PLC

1. How will teachers respond when a student experiences difficulty in learning?

Identify, give immediate help, and make the students come to get the help, not allow them to make the decision.

2. Teachers need to work together. As well, the school needs to provide the teachers with the opportunity & time to do so.

3. Utilize formative assessments regularly along with summative assessments. Don’t rely solely on summative assessments for intervention data.

4. Have an idea what goals the school, grade level, and teachers want for the students to attain in a given time period.


The grade levels will be analyzing data to see how each team is doing. Then breaking down further into how each teacher is doing. Then what TEKS are being hit well and where they can improve upon. The teachers are going to then talk with each other on the possibility of teaching a collaborative curriculum. This will allow teachers the excel in one area and not necessarily others to help each other. By allowing all teachers to show their areas of expertise the students will become more knowledgeable.

Come Join!

So come join us as we discuss what a PLC is and how it could better help your child on their path to becoming better students.

By helping the PLC group with valuable input there is the greater chance that we are able to attain our school goal of making sure that ALL students go onto the next grade level. Not just barely, but wholly prepared and ready to take on more than just what is expected of them.

For more information contact

Crystal Patrick
The Rusk School


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