Mid-Summer Invitationals

Summer Thunder


Summer Thunder is a fun, mid-season meet with many swimmers who qualify.

  • Swimmers 12 & Under must achieve a qualifying time; swimmers 13 years and older are invited to participate regardless of seed time.
  • For this meet, a time achieved in time trials or any of the first 3 meets can be used to achieve the qualifying time.
  • All swimmers must have a time, there are no “NT’s” (No Times) accepted.
  • This meet only accepts the first 1250 swimmers entered. Once it hits the 1250 swimmers, all remaining teams are denied. We will do our best to be entered into this meet. In any event we are not accepted, we will return any collected fees.
  • The 3 event bonus rule does apply. Once a swimmer qualified in 3 individual events they are eligible to enter as many individual events they want. The 50 Free & 100 free are the exception. All swimmers in these events must have achieved the time standard for the event in order to enter.

Summer Thunder Mid-Summer Invitationals

Sunday, June 5th, 11:30am to Monday, June 6th, 10pm

16715 Stuebner Airline Road

Klein, TX

Host: Premier Aquatics
Eight lane, 25 yard indoor pool. Air-conditioned indoor ready bench area and indoor team setup area.

Entry Fees - $5 per individual event (to be paid by parents – checks made to BBST)
Relay Fees will be paid by Bridgeland Barracudas.

Sunday, June 5th
All 10 & Under events and the 11& Up 100 Free and 100 IM. Warm ups start at 11:30 and the meet will start at 1:00 pm.

Monday, June 8th
Remaining 11 and up events. Warm-ups start at 3:45 pm and the meet will start at 5:00 pm.

To determine if your swimmer is eligible to attend this meet, please review the Meet Eligibility Report on the team website under Meets/Invitational Meets. Meet Results also include an indicator next to times that have qualified with an invitational time. If your swimmer has a time with ST16, RD16, BL16, or 16PI – they have achieved an eligible time. Eligible times are also indicated in blue on the Meet Entries screen for this meet.

How to Register

To register for Summer Thunder: Go to BridgelandBarracudas.com and fill out the entries for your swimmer using the Meet Entry Icon (swimmer icon) next to the Summer Thunder Invitational Meet on the website.

  • Event times listed in blue are the events your swimmer is eligible to swim at this meet.
  • Once you complete the entries for your swimmer, please print a copy of your entries to include with your payment.

If you know you are NOT going to attend, please RSVP “No” for this meet.

If you know you are going to attend, please go ahead and put in your entries.

  • You can add to your entries if your swimmer qualifies in additional events this weekend.
  • If your swimmer improves their time this weekend, their best legal time will be what is used for their entry time.
  • Remember, if your swimmer qualifies in 3 events they can swim any additional events as long as they have a legal time for the event (no NTs).

There will be table setup at the meet on Saturday (TBD) to turn in payments or you may drop-off payments at Laura Eshelman's home. Please click here to contact her for more information on this.

You will be able to add entries until 6pm Saturday and drop off payments to Laura Eshelman (Invitational Chair) until 8pm Saturday. Please email her to get her address so she knows to expect you.

If you need to make other arrangements for payment before the holiday weekend or have questions about this meet, please email Laura Eshelman at laura@esheltech.com .

Thank you for your patience. There was a known bug with the entries for this meet so we were waiting until it was addressed to start sign ups.

Timers Needed

We will be required to provide timers at this meet. The number of timers required is based on the number of swimmers we have participating in the meet. In past years, we have 2-3 spots which we broke into 30 minute shifts. If you are signing up your swimmer, you may be required to take a timing shift.

End of Season Invitational Meets

Bridgeland Barracudas will be participating in Red, White and Blue and Ponderosa for the end of season Invitational Meets. Entries for these meets will be done the same as this meet. Meet specifics, deadlines and payment drop off times will be released closer to the end of season.