Mrs. Lamparter's Class

April 4, 2014

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Specials for the Week of April 14th- 18th

We will go to the Media center on Monday after we get back from Spring break. Please return your library book so you can check out another one. P.E. will be on Tuesday and Thursday. Please wear tennis shoes.
Congratulations to our Star of the Week, Tyler Brown!

Our school wide Vocabulary Hat parade was a huge success!! My kindergartners did such a GREAT job!! Thank you for all your hard work!

Please send in empty gallon milk or juice jugs so we can make our "bunny" baskets after spring break. I am also asking you to send in a dozen FILLED plastic eggs TAPED SHUT al by Thursday, April 17th.

Mega Minutes for the 4th Nine weeks will end on May 2nd. Our minutes have been adjusted for our awards.

White Horseshoe- 660+ minutes

Maroon Horseshoe- 940+minutes

Gold Horseshoe- 990+minutes

Bronco- 1410+ minutes


We are working on:

  • * Building our sight word vocabulary: our words this week were again, new, many, should, try
  • * Knowing letter sounds and blending sounds and chunks together to make words
  • * Focusing on reading words with a short vowel in the middle
  • * Working on blends and digraphs
  • * Counting, blending, and segmenting syllables
  • * Learning to find the "evidence" in a text to support or explain the author's thinking
  • * Learning to write an informational piece and phonetically spelling words to write a story
  • * Researching and studying nonfiction texts about Space
  • * Working independently in Daily Five centers to become better readers, writers, and spellers


We are working on:
  • * Counting by fives, tens and ones to 100!!
  • * Composing and decomposing numbers 11-19
  • * Representing addition and subtraction with objects, mental images, drawings, expressions, and equations
  • * Building combinations of 5 -10
  • * Recognizing and knowing the value of coins; penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and the dollar bill
  • * Counting forward beginning from a given number in sequence
  • * Writing numbers and counting sets to 20
  • * 1-1 correspondence
  • * Comparing sets- more, less, same
  • * Using our Math tools- the rekenrek and number line
  • * Working on problem solving skills
  • * Using "number talks" to explain our math thinking


We are working on:

  • * Analyzing time patterns and objects; sun, moon, stars, in the day and night sky
  • * Exploring the solar system
  • * Researching information about planets


  • * Spring Break is next week! Be safe and enjoy your time with your kids. I look forward to seeing my kindergartners on April 14th!
  • * Our field trip to the Heritage Environmental Center is Friday, April 18th. All students must have permission to attend.
  • * Please remember to sign up for text 101 to receive important reminders about the wonderful events that are happening at Craig Elementary. To receive messages via text, text @craig to (229) 589-8095.
  • * Don't miss out on this summer opportunity for your child!
  • Brookwood Cluster 17th Annual Student Reading & Writing Institute for current K-4th graders is June 9-12, from 9:00 - 12:30. Registration was Tuesday, March 25th from 3:30 - 5:30 at Brookwood Elementary.
  • * Mark your calendars for Camp Invention, 2014 at Craig Elementary on
  • June 2 – 5, 2014 from 8:00 – 4:00. Our new curriculum – MORPHED!
  • Please sign up while discounts are being offered through March 28.
  • or call 800-968-4332