Look What We Have Been Learning

Persuasive Texts

All About Persuasive Texts

In the past two weeks, we have been reading persuasive texts. We have learned what strategies and techniques the author uses to persuade the reader. Look below to see if your child can identify the strategies the author used in the readings we have done these past two weeks.

We Even Made Our Own Persuasion Texts in the Computer Lab

Persuasive Book Reports

We went to the computer lab Tuesday, and we made a powerpoint slide of our favorite book. We tried to persuade our classmates to read our favorite book. Look below to see our slide.

Our Favorite Books

Red Group: http://goo.gl/1UMJO

Yellow Group: http://goo.gl/BMKa6

Blue Group: http://goo.gl/jN1ys

Green Group: http://goo.gl/KC0sA