Tutoring Center Information

Where can I get help?

What is the Peer Tutoring Center?

Some days you need help figuring out the answers to questions about content and the teacher is not available. NCVPS designed the peer tutoring center to help students with help for all areas of an online course. The students in the PTC are students who are successful in the courses and can help you out.

As we near the AP exam you might want help with areas of concentration, essays, quizzing, and general areas of help. Your AP teachers are designing online assistance for the review but this area might also help you increase your success. Give them a try...you never know if help is just a click away. :)

Like the PTC? Want to help out?

If you access the PTC and like it and now feel like "I can do that" then let me know. Several of you are interesting in being an educator. This might be an area that can help you optimize your skills. Let me know and I can work out recommendations for the PTC.