FJVD News!

Exciting changes planned for 2018-2019...

We are excited to announce a few of the changes you will see when you return to school at the end of August!

  • Mrs. O'Keefe will welcome our fifth grade students as their new homeroom teacher! She will also teach Religion to grades 6 & 7. Mr. Godin and Mr. Perretta will partner with Mrs. O'Keefe for Social Studies and Math.
  • Mrs. Heller is looking forward to teaching sixth grade Literature and Language Arts as well as being their homeroom teacher. Mrs. Heller will also continue to teach Spanish to grades K-8.
  • Mr. Godin will teach one eighth grade Literature section as well as all middle school Social Studies and 8th grade Religion.
  • An 8th grade Algebra section will continue to be taught by Mr. Perretta.
  • A teacher is being hired for seventh and eighth grade Literature and Language Arts. Once all of the paperwork has been processed, we will tell you more about her!
  • A new schedule in the middle school will allow us to extend the Literature and Language Arts classes!
  • We also look forward to the return of Mrs. Pare', Mrs. Kortick, Mrs. Coderre, Ms. Cunningham, Mrs. Sheldon, Mrs. Marcantonio, Mrs. Burns, Mrs. Elliott, and all of our Specials teachers, office staff, and support staff!
  • And mostly, we look forward to the return of our STUDENTS! Until then, Have a Safe and Happy Summer!

Download to view teachers/subjects by grade level: