Where is Middle Earth?


It has once been real- does it still exist?

The very controversial topic has been debated for decades. Geologists have searched the Earth for a place, a country, a landscape that could possibly resemble Tolkien's Middle Earth, as depicted in The Lord of The Rings and the hobbit. What they have failed to realize is that what is necessary is not a split image, but the same magical, mythical feel. I have discovered this necessity in the land of the leprechauns - Ireland. This magical land is full of rich culture,with lively music, and traditional folklore, and holidays celebrated with parades, dances, and a special meal with the family. The official languages include Irish and English. Irish is written with a Latin alphabet similar to that of Scottish Gaelic. The landscape includes breathtaking mountains with snowy peaks and rolling green hills,and every kind of forest, from tropical to evergreen. The towns have a distinct primitive, homey village feeling. This is why I believe Ireland is the current home of Middle Earth.

One Landscape, One Culture, One home

Ireland has not only the necessities, but also the extras when looking for a Middle Earth. Their culture is abundant and family centered,with traditional folklore, in which the characters are magical, such as leprechauns, fairies, banshees, and many more. The music is lively, and passed down from generation to generation. They often celebrate holidays such as Halloween and St. Patrick's Day with parades, dances, and a special meal with the family. These are the sort of things the Elves and Hobbits did to celebrate also. Ireland also has the perfect landscape to match the description of Middle Earth. To start with, it is covered in rolling, green, grassy hills. These are an example of The Hill, where Bilbo Baggins the hobbit lives. Also, Ireland has several mountain chains with steep sides and snowy peeks, with rainy fog constantly covering them- these are the Misty Mountains. Last but not least, Ireland is covered in several dense forests- some tropical with waterfalls cascading through them, others full of pine trees, and others still with deciduous trees. The group of dwarves traveled through all these on their trek to the secret door. A specific example is in their way to the house of Elrond. Also, the villages are primitive and small, where everyone is knows each other and is friendly. The group meets and stops in many such towns on their journey, such as the town of the elves.

But what about......

Many believe that Ireland is covered only in grassy plains and no forests and mountains, making it impossible for it to be Middle Earth. However, this is a misconception. Although it is true that Ireland's most famous landscape is its rolling hills, The rest of the peninsula is covered in mountains and forests, especially along the northern side. Some mountains are low, rounded, and covered in greenery. Others are steep, rocky, snow covered, and forbidden looking. AS far as the forests, some seem enchanted, because they are so full of wild plants and animals. Other forests seem desolate, with thin scrawny trees dotting the littered forest floor. Many also say that Ireland is a very cold place- too cold for Middle Earth. This also is a misconception. Because of the Gulf stream,or the North Atlantic Drift, a warm current coming from the Atlantic Ocean, the temperature is rather mild compared to other landmasses at that latitude.

What about the castles?

Many of you have heard about the famous stone castles all over Ireland. I believe all these ancient palaces could once have been homes to king dwarves. Thorin, the head dwarf of the traveling group states that his grandfather was kind and wise king over all the dwarves. It is possible that during his long and righteous reign he lived in castle such as the ones standing proudly all over Ireland
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Wrap up

I hope you agree that Ireland is the right and worthy place for Middle Earth to call home. All evidence points to it- the mythical folklore, lively music, traditions, such as parades and dances, the primitive, homey villages, and the landscape, including the split images of the Misty Mountains, The Hill, and the enchanting forests of every kind. Even the castles and the climate match up to Tolkien's vivid descriptions. For even more evidence about why Ireland is soon to be recognized world wide as Middle Earth, explore the website below. Enjoy!