Scottsboro Boys

Yasmaine Aourani

False Accusations...

Nine African American Boys ranges in age from 13 to 21 were caught on a souther freight train.

The police officers acused the boys of raping the two white women that acompanied them on the train.

The boys were sent to trial with an all-white jury and no evidence, but they were still sen as guilty.

The boys recieved a new lawyer and one of the victims confessed that she made up the story about the rape and the boys were still seen as guilty.

They were thrown in jail and only four out of nine of the boys were released, on parole.

Samuel Leibowitz

Born on August 14, 1893 in romania, moved to the United States when he was four with his parents. he graduated from Cornell University, where he got his degree in 1916. He was assigned to the trial involving the Scottsboro Boys. He's had, before this case, 140 past clients, including Al capone, only losing one to the electric chair. Leibowits workes endlessely until he freed all of the boys from certain death. After the tough case, he was named to seat on New York's Criminal court in 1941. He died January 11, 1978 at the age of 84.

1893- Samuel Lewbotitz was born.

1916- Leibowitz graduated from cornell university.

1931- Leibowitz was assigned the trial of the Scottsboro nine.

1969- Leibowitz claims the Scottsboro Nine was his proudest case.

1978- Leibowitz died at the gae of eightyfour.


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