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ABS Resin Market | IndustryARC

ABS Resin is a superior product among the styrene family with outstanding ABS Material Properties. It is the co-polymer of acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene.

Summary of the report: (scroll down for details)

1. Geography: China the largest consumer of ABS Plastic Resin globally.

2. Market Trends: Increased Innovation with 3D-Printing ABS and ABS Polymer Approved as a Material for Food Contact.

3. Plastic ABS Application found in various manufacturing purposes owing to unique Material ABS.

4. Market Segmentation: 3 broad types.

5. Leading Competitors Analysis.

ABS Resin Market Growth Trends:

· ABS Molding and ABS Plastic Molding- leading factor in spreading the market across sectors be it engineering, medical, art, design etc.

· Efforts & research changing from time to time in order to overcome the challenges and to avoid/reduce failed prints.

· Innovations reducing heavier machines, eliminating problems like shattering, snapping and disappointing.

· Trinseo’s MAGNUM™ ABS resin approved for food contact.

ABS Resin Market Application Outlook:

ABS Resin is a superior product among the styrene family with outstanding ABS Material Properties. It is the co-polymer of acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene. Due to exceptional resistance and toughness ABS Plastic Properties, it best serves in manufacturing products such as pipes, faucets, automotive body parts, golf club heads, protective head gear, toys and so on.

Geographical Brief of ABS Resin Market:

China is the largest consumer of the ABS resin market, accounting for more than 50% of the share of the consumption. The growing consumer appliances product segment is the major driver for the Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Resin market in China, with its inhabitants willing to spend on robust and high-quality products.

North America, Europe and Asia account for substantial shares in the global ABS Resin Market wing to increasing demand and adoption of the ABS Plastic. The emerging middle class population and their disposable income will drive the consumer appliances market in the developing economies and enhance demand for ABS plastics. The market in developed regions will also be escalated with global companies venturing extensively into the market.

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ABS Resin Market Segmentation:

IndustryARC classifies the Global ABS Resin Market into 3 broad types owing to certain deciding factors.

1. By Grade: Low Gloss, High Gloss, High Flow (Low Viscosity), Low Flow and Plateable.

2. By Application: Consumer Product Applications and Industrial Applications.

Consumer Product Applications further segmented into Kitchen Appliances, Telephones, Housing Products, Toys and Others.

And Industrial Applications segmented as Automotive Products and Electrical/Electronic Products.

3. By Geography: North America, APAC, Europe and ROW.

The complete list of sub classifications of all the broad types are also studies in depth in this research analysis report on ABS Resin Market.

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Key ABS Resin Market Vendors:

Increasing number of ABS Plastic Suppliers across the globe has driven the overall market sales. The increasing consumption of ABS Material for various purposes shall further drive the revenue. 40+ top players of the ABS Resin Market are analyzed in detail in this market research report. Few of the mentioned ones are:

· LG Chem

· Samsung SDI CO., LTD.

· Bayer Materialscience


· Chevron Oronite Company Llc

· The Dow Chemical Company

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