Disney Sweatshops

by Kandice Roark


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Location of Sweatshops?


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Products made in these sweatshops?

Books, Toys, and Clothes

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Working Conditions?

Some of the working conditions are working 11 hours per day making $1-$2 an hour. They do not have very good safety protections. Most didn't have benefits.

Disney Sweatshops

Response to accusations? Do they still use them?

Disney refused to show the information to the 1998 public. They denied the charges for the sweatshops. Disney then ordered the lowest production price so it would increase profits.

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How did the Industrial Revolution affect working conditions today?

It made some of the places people work safer, cleaner, and fairer. The machines that were made helped because the workers didn't have to do everything by hand.

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Solutions to sweatshops?

1) Teach workers the skills to hold and find a job.

2) To help people to payrolls from welfare.

3) Make sure that the workers are financially secure.

4) To help people to balance work and family.

5) To make sure workers have safe, healthy, and fair places to work.

What I learned?

I learned that we need to be thankful that we don't have to work in sweatshops like some kids and adults. Also that we are lucky to have way more fair and safe places to work.

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Am I concerned? Yes Or No?

Yes I am more concerned with how the products I buy are made. The things we get could have been made by adults/kids that are being treated very unfairly.

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