are u getting bullied

well.....not anymore

do u feel stuck???

stuck.......stuck in a dark hole where u get bullied everyday well here is how to deal with it

leave me alone !!!!

1. say leave me alone your just mean

thats ur opinion

2. if someone calls you a name simply say well.....that's your opinion and walk away

tell an adult

3. if the bullying does not stop after u told them to stop tell an adault

what if doesn't work???

4. tell your parents tell your friends tell a teacher you need to find someone who will believe you and help you

knock it off !!!

tell the bullies to knock it off tell em they are just mean people and most important put you head up look the bullies right in the eye and tell them that they don't hurt your feelings because trust me if u keep your head down all the time they are gonna bullie you more cuz they will think your weak if your confident and believe in your self they will leave you alone

self doubts

don't put your self down by believing what bullies say because they are not right your strong beautiful and confident no madder what anybody says :)

most important

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