Propaganda Techniques

Clara Bae & Christian McDow

Name Calling

Name calling technique was identified Galaxy Note 4 - Then and Now commercial. The speaker behind this ad is the Samsung company, who has intense competitions with the Apple company. The target audience is all technology users such as Galaxy users and Apple users. The main purpose of this ad is to promote the new Galaxy note 4, and to convince Apple users that Galaxy is better than Apple.

Name calling is directly used to show that Galaxy is better than Apple by showing and mentioning the Apple company. The ad shows variety of news articles or tweets talking bad about Apple and about how they're trying to become like Galaxy. Name calling is used to compare products of the two company, clearing stating that their products are better.

Testimonial and Bandwagon

The technique used in this commercial is a testimonial and bandwagon. The overall speaker is Pepsi but in the commercial, the speaker is Michael Jackson because he is advertising the Pepsi product. The target audience I think is little kids because the commercial is primarily little kids walking around drinking Pepsi and kids are much easier to persuade. The purpose of the ad is to persuade people to drink Pepsi because Michael Jackson is drinking it and he's a popular well known person who is doing it which also can make this a bandwagon. Because, if everyone likes Michael Jackson and he's drinking Pepsi it will make other's drink it just because he's popular which is bandwagon.

The propaganda technique: testimonial, is being used to support the ad because they got Michael Jackson to be in their commercial to help persuade people to buy it. When people see a popular, cool person like Michael Jackson in a commercial and he's advertising a product it makes people feel like they should follow along in the trend. The propaganda technique: bandwagon, is being used to support the ad because when people see a trend or a famous icon in a commercial drinking Pepsi, it encourages people to be apart of the trend. Just because it's Michael Jackson it makes people want to be in the movement as well.