About Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser that is developed by the Google, this web browser was released in September 2008 at that time this was only for the Microsoft windows and later on that is updated for the Mac OS, Linux, IOS and Android devices, in his earlier days Google Chrome browser uses the Webkit layout engine but after the release of his version twenty-eight it started using Blink, a fork of the Webkit engine. In the second quarter of the year 2017 this Google Chrome browser was used by the 63% of the internet users, it also has the 54% of market share across all platform, this has happened because Google Chrome was the most popular browser for every smart phone this chrome success also leads the Google to expand the chrome brand name on various other products that products are chrome cast, chrome book, chrome box and chrome base. Chrome also provides the technical support to his user whenever they face any issue, if you are facing any issue regarding the support number of the chrome technical team then you can visit here http://chromesupport.net/google-chrome-features/

When Sunder Pichai gives the idea of making his own web browser then this was opposed by the Eric Schmidt (Google CEO at that time) for the six years, he stated that at time the Google was a small company and he doesn't want to go through the bruising browser wars, after this Sergey Brin and Larry Page the co founders of Google, hired several Mozilla Firefox developers and they make a demonstration of chrome browser then after this demonstration Eric Schmidt changed his mind for making the Google Chrome browser. This Chrome browser was come in public in on the second September 2008, and later with the 43 supported languages that were stably public released on the 11th December 2008.

Google Chrome features a less complicated user interface, for example, the developer merged the address bar and the search bar into the single box, Google also has the reputation of strong browser performance

Google also provides the best privacy to their use that is incognito mode; this private browsing feature prevents the browser from storing history and cookies of the website that they have visited. This feature is same as the other web browser have, you can switch between the incognito window and the normal window.

This web browser is the best as I have used many of them I find this best as well as user-friendly; if you face any issue in your Chrome browser then you can visit us for the Chrome Support Number

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