By:Scott Westerfeld


This book there is an ugly village and a pretty village.And the ugly people and the pretty people can't mix.The main characters name is Tally and she lives in Ugly village. But one rule there is that you can have a surgery to make you pretty when you are sixteen but until the you have to be ugly.And in this story her friend Shay runs away and she has to go find here.And then a special comes to find Tally.

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There have been three million print copies of the ugly series because people like that book so much. Then the books have been translated into twenty-seven languages. The reason why he wrote this book is because he realized that this is the way kids these days act.Scott Westerfeld was born on May 5th of 1963 in Dallas ,Texas. He has a wife named Justine larbalestier. He is fifty years old and spends most of his time writing and composing.


Protagonist: Tally-This story is about how tally wants to turn pretty, then she runs into alot of trouble on the way.

Antagonist:The Specials, Pretties-The Specials are a group that run they pretty town and try to keep secrets kept about the pretty town. Then the Pretties are a group of people that get to do what ever they want because the are pretty.

Shay: it Tally best friend and she ran away because she didn't want to become pretty.

David: he is another one of Tally's friend but Tally and David are stuck in a cave together because the Specials are coming after them because they know the secret about the outside world.


The setting takes place a lot of places. Sometimes it takes place in the desert. But the desert setting is when Tally is looking for shay.But then it takes place in a climate similar to Iowa. But the climate similar to Iowa takes place in pretty town and it's always pretty. But then in Ugly town everything is dark and gloomy.

Personal Recommendation:

I thought the book was really good. I think that its a good book that even readers like me want to read.I hope to read the other books too because of what I know now about that book and the characters gives me a little bit of an idea of what the other books are going to be like. I thought it was one of those books that you couldn't wait to read because you got to a great part and you didn't want to stop. So yes i thought this book was really good.


This book in also written by Scott Westerfeld. The book called Peeps is a vampire novel. The reason why i think the Ugly books and Peeps are similar because they both deal with young kids and being pretty and popular or ugly and not.