Is Media Enslaving Us All???

Do we control Social Media or Does it control us???

Media and Media Literacy

Media Literacy

When I began to reflect on my personal definition of Media it was quite simple. Media is a term that describes how personal information is made public. Anything on TV or on websites is considered media. The media I am most familiar with is the apps. On my IPhone. I use apps. Such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat. I have learned to be careful what I post. It is important to not put too much out there that is specific. Media is amazing and I really enjoy it, but I also make sure I am careful. I follow four rules when handling my social media. First, I make sure not to post my actual location. Secondly, I do not post my address of where I live. Next, I make sure the only people that see my page are4 people I personally know. Lastly, if someone is acting suspicious I would block them at once.

Media Literacy is the way in which others review an individual’s social media. This is the way people can stalk one another. Stalking is a huge issue among people, but mostly involves teens. Media Literacy is also associated with the Internet. It almost protects young people from looking at websites that are inappropriate and are advised only for adults. These websites are usually reserved in some way. Most of the time though, unless a person is blocked they are able to see your personal profile. If your profile is private then it is protected from random people, which means you’re at a lower risk. The best way to stay protected from the creeps of the media is to limit the use of your media and keep the media you do use protected.

My Thoughts on Racism


S’more 2 – How I Can Change Racism

When trying to decide what to write in this S’more, I asked myself, “How could I really change racism in society today?” Although, there are a number of organizations that help decrease the spread of racism, I concluded that there was a much easier solution. I would vow to never use racist remarks or derogatory jokes. I know what you’re thinking, how is that really going to help, but it will. For instance just a few weeks ago I overheard this Caucasian girl derogatorily joking around with this African American boy, saying he looked “Burnt.” Then, I heard a bunch of people laughing about it. Well, not everyone would have taken that comment as joke. The same girl then said it to another African American girl that did not take it as a joke. She became extremely angry because she was offended. The others did not understand that there derogatory joke was an example of a racist remark. The Caucasian girl in the end still did not understand she was being racist. I used this example because if she had understood the hurtful effects of her racist joke, maybe she would not have said it. I strive not to use racist remarks or derogatory jokes because I know they are wrong, and personally I would not want someone to say them to me. Also, I strive to stop people that use these offensive remarks and jokes, by telling them that it is not appropriate to use them. People should not be made fun of because of the pigment of their skin; we are all different but deserve the same respect.

Mexico's Avocados Superbowl 50 Commercial

In the Mexico's Avocados commercial (2016), aliens are taking a tour of memorabilia that they found that the humans left behind, the museum tour takes place on a space ship that the aliens own. Mexico's Avocados begins the commercial with the alien tour, but at the tail end of the tour the aliens surround an avocado tree, they offer free samples of what appears to be guacamole. The producers of this commercial use humor in order to grab the audience's attention, if the audience is amused then the producers think they will continue watching. With a humorous tone, the audience that the producers of this commercial were targeting were most likely people that like avocados or people that might want to try them after watching the commercial.

Advertising and Society

Most individuals are exposed a variety of different types of advertising. These individuals often see these advertisements through the Media, such as television. Commercials are an example of how producers can reach an audience through advertising. These commercials have a positive effect on society, but can also negatively affect society. Not all advertisements depict a group of individuals, but most do. An example of a positive way would be that mothers are portrayed as strong, independent, and responsible. On the other hand men are considered to be clueless, lazy, and irresponsible. However, society has not always been like this, women were once viewed in commercials as sexual objects only used for their appearances. Producers used them to their own advantage, because they grabbed the attention of men, while also influencing most women to want to be like them in order to be accepted. When it comes to commercials and advertising either men or women will be depicted, maybe even both at some point. The producers are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the advertisement or commercial makes money. Society is often possessed by media and do not realize that most advertisements and commercials have impacts on them.

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S'more 5 Media Manipulation

Although, most media advertisements have positive effects on individuals, many cause a negative effects. For example, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Valentine’s Day is a holiday created in order for individuals to share their love for their family, friends, and significant other. Let us think about the positive effects first. Individuals have the opportunity to spread love, give gifts, and maybe even share feelings to a special someone. Now the negative effect, couples often end up fighting or the gifts given are not exactly what the individual hoped. for so they become disappointed. Also, probably the biggest issue with Valentine’s Day is that some individuals believe it is important to express love every day, not only on one specific day.

It was almost shocking to see that these advertisements often use conflict in their commercials, because after all, Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about love and compassion. In the articles about Coke and Coco Puffs, there was similar forms of hypocrisy, they were using excessive amounts of sugar, but trying to prevent obesity in children. Obviously, giving a child more sugar will not make them healthier. It is not like I do not enjoy Coke or Coco Puffs, I do believe that regulations on these products would help with obesity. After comprehending all this information, I concluded that I am hypocritical. I do not enjoy Valentine’s Day, not because I do not believe in love, but because I believe that individuals should be constantly reminded every day that they are appreciated and loved. Even though, I believe this I still get Valentine’s gifts from my parents and friends. It is nice to get a little something extra even though I express love everyday.

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S'more 6 - Government Tries to Hack the Iphone

Last December there was a terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California. The attack was conducted by Farook and Malik, two supporters of ISIS. When these individuals quickly abandoned the site of the attack, they accidently left something behind. Their cell phones which they had tried to destroy, but failed. So, what is the point of this S’more, it is about how the United States government wants to hack the two criminals IPhones with Apples help. Now, why is that such a big deal, it goes back to something my dad always tells me. He says “Everything you do potentially has a consequence. There are two possible outcomes to this situation. Either Apple can agree to hack the IPhones, and gain access to be able to hack all IPhones, or they cannot hack the phones and never know if any useful ISIS information was on there. I believe that the government should not hack the criminals IPhones. If the government is given access to be able to hack all IPhones, I believe they will. This would result in an evaluation of the people’s privacy. Most people would not approve of the government ability to hack personal phones and obtain personal information so easily. Privacy is a right to all United States citizens, and that right should remain.

S'more 7 - Agree or Disagree with Public Security

Have you ever been curious about how the United States security really works? I have thought about it only a couple of times. Most of the time I only notice a few security cameras in public places, these places are often where the government thinks crimes will be committed. I recently read a statement about security in public places. It states, “Society would be safer if we had security cameras in public places to catch potential criminals.” I personally agree with this statement because if we do have more security cameras then the amount of criminals will decrease. It will be easier to catch these criminals. We can catch them while they are committing the crime or predict there next victim or move. Also, the increased amount of security will remind individuals to be more cautious when out in public. The government will have a little better control of crime, but not taking away more of individual’s privacy. We want to protect the people more, without taking away their right of privacy. I know what you are thinking, there will still be criminals that get away with the crimes they commit, but all we can do is work to reduce that number. If we improve our security, we can improve our nation. Because at the end of the day isn’t that the overall goal. We are working together in order to make this world a better place, not only for the good of man, but for the good of all. People want to feel safe whether they are at home watching a movie or are out and about with friends. Safety and protection are important to the public, so let us do whatever it takes to ensure they have that now and in the years to come.

S'more 8 - Politifacts

Politifacts – Final Reflection

After choosing the presidential quotes I was most interested in, I obtained a lot of information I did not know about. When thinking about the quote I chose stated by Donald Trump, I quickly realized that we had something in common. Ever since I was little I was taught about the importance of the American flag and how it represents nationalism. I chose Ted Cruz’s quote about Planned Parenthood because I opposed his statement. I do not believe that this program should be defunded all together. The quote Hillary Clinton stated was about gun violence in young African American men. I agreed with her because gun – related accidents cause countless deaths today. Lastly, the quote by Bernie Sanders I completely disagreed with. Free tuition would cause taxes to increase tremendously, and I believe they are already too high. When I was deciding whether or not I believed if the candidates statements were accurate, I looked for proof and facts that supported there statements. If I believe they were accurate, and I supported what they were stating then I agreed with them, if I did not then I simply disagreed with them. We cannot rely on the media to always tell us the truth, but most of the time we can take what they say and find the truth ourselves. If we decide to not look for the truth and believe everything in the media or that the government says, then we will be the cause of our own downfall. We live in a democracy were we have a say in the government; we should not take that for granted.

S'more 9 - Aint Rebellion Fine

Throughout history there have been many acts of rebellion. Groups of individuals often rebel against one another. The people that rebel feel as though they are belittled and that others are considered superior to them. A rebellion is an act in which individuals resist the government using violence. Rebellions are considered to be powerful in many different ways. In Nat Turner’s Rebellion of 1831, African American slaves and free blacks planned to attack the people that enslaved them. This rebellion was powerful because not only did it harm many white masters, it terrified many others. Turner and his followers would ruthlessly murder these white masters and their families. Also since there was a large group that supported Turner, it was difficult to stop the murders. Although, Nat Turner’s Rebellion was powerful it is still frowned upon. Murder is not an appropriate solution to this problem. Now, you may be wondering, what pushed Nat Turner to attack? Well, it is quite simple; he believed that African Americans were being mistreated and that they should not be enslaved. When a specific group of people is being belittled, it causes people to take drastic measures. Meaning they are willing to do whatever it takes to be treated fairly. Turner felt that the only way he could get back at the people that enslaved him and the other African American slaves was to murder them and also, brought forth awareness that segregation should be abolished. Turner gained many of his followers just because they agreed with him, that the white masters deserved to pay for their actions. They wanted revenge and revenge comes with a price. In the end, Turner and his followers got their revenge, but then their brutal actions caught up with them. Turner was hung and many of his followers were sent to the gallows as well. The rest of the surviving followers were transported to different places and sold. Turners remains were separated and kept as souvenirs, a handbag was even made out of his skin. Today, slavery does not exist, but different groups are still isolated, many people believe it is okay to make racist remarks or derogatory jokes. Instead of masters enslaving African Americans, people say “Is it because I’m black?” and “That girl is so ratchet”, which can be considered racist. Also, people still use racist language that is inappropriate. I hope in the future people will not use racist language, racist remarks, or derogatory jokes. At the end of the day we must remember we are all just people living on the same planet, Earth.

S'more 10 The Government Wins Again

In the novel 1984, the main character is a man named Winston Smith. Winston lives in a world in which the government, they call Big Brother controls everyone and everything. Winston believes that Big Brother should not have this power over the people. He knows that he is constantly being watched by the party, another name for Big Brother. The reason I believe Winston relates to the American citizen, Edward Snowden is because they both have ideas about rebelling against what the government says or does. Although, Snowden actually went against his government in order to help the people, Winston only thinks about rebelling. Hopefully, at some point in the rest of the book Winston will become courageous and rebel, just like Edward Snowden did. The character O’Brien is similar to Edward Snowden as well. He is supposedly a member of the Brotherhood, or a group that is against Big Brother. In the novel he asks Winston if he wants to borrow a dictionary, but Winston thinks it is an excuse in which O’Brien can use so that Winston knows his address. Winston realizes that this might mean there is such a thing as the Brotherhood and he had just found out about it. Unlike, Winston O’Brien seems to want to actually rebel like Snowden did. Winston and O’Brien are fairly similar, but they are different when it comes to actually rebelling, and not just thinking about it. Edward Snowden stood up for the people and decided to go against the law and government. In the end, I believe Winston will be faced with the same decision. Will he go against Big Brother in order to do what is best for the people of Oceania or will he decide to remain quiet until he and all the other comrades are vaporized and erased by none other than Big Brother?

S'more 11 Technology really from heaven?

In George Orwell’s novel, 1984, technology and science are decided by Big Brother. Ordinary outer party members only have one type of technology. A device that is similar to a present day television. The device is known as a telescreen. Outer party members use this device to receive information from Big Brother. The negative aspect of the telescreen is that Big Brother uses them to spy on the inner and outer party members. Also, people do not understand science like we would in present day. Big Brother uses the telescreens to command the inner and outer parties. For example, the telescreen instructs the comrades to wake up and go to go to their daily jobs. The major science that is in this novel is reproduction among humans. They are taught that sex is only okay when it is used to produce an offspring, it is not allowed to be used as a loving or enjoyable act. Overall, in Orwell’s novel technology and science are used to ruthlessly control and monitor human behavior.

S'more 12 - Happiness vs. Freedom

I believe if an individual had to choose between being happy or being free, it would result in a very difficult decision. In this S’more I am supposed to decide whether I would rather be happy or be free, I cannot decide until I think about both choices thoroughly. I simply have to look at it from both sides. If, I were to choose to be happy, who knows if I actually would be? I do not believe I would be happy if I was not free. I know what you are thinking, we will never truly be free because of the government, but when I say “free” I mean as free as a citizen can be. On the other hand, I believe that freedom is important, but is it really worth more than happiness, maybe not. Just because a person is considered to be free they might not actually be happy, but some may be. This S’more is based on the individual’s opinion, whether they think happiness is more important than freedom and vice versa. In the end, even though the choice is difficult I would choose happiness over freedom, because I feel that if someone cannot be happy then they are missing out on one of the most important aspects of life.

S'more 13 - Donald Trump & Gaslighting

On the last episode of the “Last Week Tonight “show an argument arose between Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump and television comedian, John Oliver. Trump declares that Oliver’s show had called him numerous times hoping to convince him to appear on the show. On the other hand, Oliver declared that Trump was incorrect and no one had contacted him. Trump was using an act known as “gaslighting”, gaslighting is when a person proclaims false accusations, but convinces individuals they are correct. Eventually, Oliver became so influenced by Trumps accusations, he went back to check all the telephone records. This shows that Oliver began to doubt if he really knew the truth or if Trump was in fact correct. Political figures use television, the internet, and telephone calls in order to successfully gaslight the public. Presidential Candidate, Bernie Sanders is another example of a political figure that uses gaslighting. Sanders wants to provide free tuition to college students which is very appealing to young voters. Since these voters are so focused on free college tuition they do not think about what else Sanders said. He stated that the college tuition would be paid for with the United States citizens tax dollars. This would cause a dramatic increase in taxes for all citizens, but even this increase may not account for all the costs of the college tuition. Although, there may not be a way to completely stop gaslighting, but citizens can work to hold presidential candidates accountable for their promises. Voters can educate themselves in order to understand the promises of the candidates. Then they can challenge the candidates if their words are not true.

Performance Final S'more 14 - Part 1 Social Media

I want to ask you the exact question I asked myself just a few moments ago, do you remember a time when technology such as television, social media, or the internet did not exist? I honestly do not remember and I have been alive for eighteen years. Now, I am not saying technology is bad itself, but the impact it has left on the world has been mostly negative. Just think about it, sometimes change is exceptional, but in this particular case it is not. When I was a child, I used to play outside for hours, only coming in to eat or when my mom made me. Nowadays I rarely see the children in my neighborhood playing. My friends barely talk on the phone, only when it is absolutely necessary. We hang out sometimes, and all they do is stare at that small screen, while the rest of the world remains invisible. Although, there are much worse addictions in the world I feel as though this is a big one, because it involves so many people. I do not believe that we can overcome this issue all at once, but we can take steps to control this issue, together. I myself, have been taking little steps in order to help the people around me. Listen to the next few statements carefully they are very important. Parents, encourage your children to put their phones away at the dinner table, and if they are young, turn the television off and go play with them. Teens, talk on the phone to the people they care about, like friends and family, do not take advantage of the time you were graciously given with them. Also, if you are hanging out with a friend, girlfriend, or boyfriend do not be staring at your phone screen the whole time, they are there with you and deserve your full attention. It is quite terrifying how such a small machine can ruin so many people both emotionally and physically. Technology is slowly enslaving all of us and the only way to improve is by taking back control because if we do not, the future may not be as bright as we hoped. Keep control and accomplish the suggestions I have provided. If you do not, do not be surprised when you look up from that black screen and no one is there, everyone is gone.

Performance Final S'more 14 - Part 2 Media Literacy

Throughout this semester of CP British Literature, my last semester of high school language arts ever, I have learned a lot about Media Literacy. When I began to reflect on my very first S’more, I was really surprised. My perspective on Media Literacy has not changed a lot, but I have deepened my thoughts on many of the ideals in S’more 1. First, I have become even more careful with my media because there are constantly cases in television shows and the news about how teens have been stalked or creeped upon. Also, I added a new rule that I follow with my media, it is that I limit how many times I post. Internet Safety is super important for people to use, especially teens like myself. The number one lesson I have learned about Media is that it can potentially enslave everyone. I put my phone away when I am with family or friends and I do not let it control me and make all the people around me invisible. This language arts class was totally different than any other language arts class I have taken for multiple reasons, such as, I feel that Media is significant in my live as well as many other high schoolers, the class was never boring, and although we wrote multiple reflections, they were on topics I personally found interesting. I like that this class because it has pushed me to think more and has improved my writing tremendously. This class could only really be improved by reducing the amount of assignments because there were way too many and making sure every student becomes interested in the topics they must write about.