Same Sex schooling

By Jack, AJ, and John


John Keating, Jack Grzesiek, Alton-Jasper Moore

Ms. Burks

English 3


Single-Sex schooling should not be encouraged

We think that girls should learn with boys because it is unfair for both genders. We think girls and boys would learn better together, mixed up, and prepare them for real life. If you go into work you cannot be separated from the opposite sex you would have to work with them. The article also claims that one gender may get a better education than the other gender. Learning together would make the learning experience better and you may also learn how the opposite genders think and work. The work quantity may be greater in one school rather than the other schools and may sway between single-sex schools. So, for example, boys could be tasked with more work than the girls in a single-sex school. In conclusion we think boys and girls should be in the same school. Single-sex schools should not be encouraged and boys and girls together would prepare them for life situations.

Our opinion

Separating the genders to different schools is wrong in our opinion. Why? It doesn't prepare you for socializing with the opposite sex and you don't learn how they think in different situations. It delays you from learning that skill so it takes you a step back when you graduate, you may be clueless talking to the other gender if you haven't talked to them outside of school.
It brings back the no girls allowed or no boys allowed sign we put on our club doors we had as little kids with our friends.



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