IBDP Cambodia Trip 2016

30/3/2016 - 3/4/2016


a) Send a copy of your main passport page to Jun Long (greentree096@gmail.com).

b) Pay your Sem 2 fees (private students) or the RM2500 invoice for the Cambodia trip (sponsored students) and send a scanned copy/photograph of the payment receipt to Sher Min (shermin15@gmail.com)

c) Each group please give your first update to Mr. Shashi by 15th Janurary.

Cement Mixing and Brick Layering

Steps in preparing cement mix

  • Step 1 : preparing dry cement mix

    • Supplies needed :

      • Cement (purchase the type of cement that Is suitable for the condition and weather in Cambodia.)

      • Fine sand and gravel. (amount of fine sand and gravel to cement is 2:3:1)

    • Steps:

      • Lay out the supply

      • Use a spade to shovel the ingredients in the ratio provided 1 part cement, 2 part fine sand and 3 part gravel into a wheel barrow

      • Mix the ingredients thoroughly with a spade

      • Lay the mixed ingredients onto the ground and create a hole in the middle

  • Step 2 : incorporating water into the dry mix

    • Pour roughly 18.9L water into the hole

    • Slowly mix water with the cement starting from the inside wall of the dry cement. This is to prevent water leaking/flowing out from the centre.

    • Keep mixing for 5-10 minutes so that the mixture is consistent.