"THE 13th FLOOR"

AUTHOR:Sid Fleichman

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Exposition :the story"The 13th Floor takes place in North Hampton and in boston

the main characters are buddy(bud),his sister liz a girl named abigail, and her perents, captain stebbens miss stebbins and captain scratch.

TextEvidence Setting:pg.16

RISING ACTION:The phone lit up and someone said to met on a buildings 13th floor but buildings dont have 13th floors and they said there name was abigail and they hung up. Liz went upstairs and looked to a page and it had abigails name in "the familys book of death" then she went downstairs and then she explained the name abigail was a ancestor who died in the year 1705.Then she said not to go there and then the next morning she left to find abigail.Then liz found the 13th floor and she was transported back to 1705 when abigail then bud cant find her he went to and the same thing happened but he cant find her so he goes on a quest...

CLIMAX:he finds liz and abigail and abigail asks him questions like first who are you and liz tells her who he is,and tells them that captain stebbins has been arrested for two crimes,first he stole a ship,second for kissing his wife on sunday and he was going to be hanged for it.After he tells them and that captain stebbins was arrested he goes to his house and gets food his wife prepared for his arrival when he arrived she was going to take him on a picnic,but she wants bud to take the captain to have all the food but bud was caught and he tries to escape and then he got to the captain and he was to late captain was hanged or maybe not

FALLING ACTION:he finds the captain and his ship and he was sailing on a little ship and the captain is sailing towards his ship yelling though his horn he cried "abandon ship,save youreselves,mates!into the boats,lads.abandon ship!"bud yelled after him and the captain did not hear him so the captain kept going and he got his ship back picked up bud and liz but his wife yelled out "ill be waiting"

DENOUEMENT:bud and liz got back home and they kept there house because of captain stebbens tresure when the police got abigail they hanged her

my four facts

.1Sarah Good,Sarah Osborn&tituba slave were the first people to be acussed of witchcraft.

.2Edward Bishop is hanged for witchcraft

.3five more people hanged for witchcraft

.4last people hanged for witchcraft on september 22nd

conflict man.v.s.self

in the 13th floor,the main characters,bud,is struggling to find his true self and to exept that his house is going to have to be sold and he is going to have to exept but he does not find what he was looking for.................