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Miss Anderson's Weekly Scoop

September 22-26, 2014


September 22nd ~

  • First Day of Fall

September 23rd ~

  • Pajama Day - Kelly's Birthday Spirit

September 25th ~

  • Rosh Hashanah (No School)

September 26th ~

  • Scholastic Book Orders Due - Class Code - GK8L7
  • Box Tops due for September! Let's start the year off great!
  • Student Advisory Spirit Day - Football Friday!

September 29th ~

  • Kid Stuff Orders Due
October 4th ~
  • Yom Kippur
October 5th ~
  • Home & School Harvest Breakfast @ 8:00-11:00 AM in the Titus Dining Room
October 6th ~
  • Miss Anderson's Tiger of the Week - Rebecca Z.

Box Tops... Box Tops... Calling All Box Tops!

Don't forget to send in your Ziploc bag full of Box Tops by FRIDAY!
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Miss Anderson's Tiger of the Week

Dear Parents,

Each of your children will have the opportunity to be the “star of the week” by having the opportunity to create an autobiographical display titled “Tiger of the Week.” This is your child’s week to “SHINE!” On Monday of your child's assigned week, please send in any personal and family photographs, items of particular interest to your child, trophies, awards, and anything that will help us get to know your child better. In addition to all of your child’s personal treasures, please complete the “newspaper” that will be sent home prior to your child's week, to be part of the display. We have a bulletin board and display table to arrange and display your child’s many treasures. (Many of you probably saw my display at open house or at Back-to-School Night!) At the end of the week, all photographs and items of interest will be safely returned. Please make arrangements to have all items taken home. Each child's week is posted on our class calendar on our website! "Newspapers" will be given out closer to each child's assigned week!

Thank you for helping your child shine in room 304!

We are... Room 304!

Miss Anderson

A few quick things about this week...


Please remember your child should be writing 2-3 post-its per night as "tracks of their thinking." They should also be completing their calendar for 20 minutes per night with a parent signature - you are their evidence that they read! They should be recording minutes read, pages read, and your initials/signature.

As part of our "4th Grade 20 Book Challenge," students need to complete a "bookmark" to receive credit for their completed independent reading book. They should see me to get a bookmark! Students should also remember to keep track of the books they are reading on their "Reading Log" in the back of their Reading Journals. I will also be conferencing with students this week regarding their book choices!

*A friendly reminder... students should be reading the same independent reading book at home as they are at school. This means, their DEAR book should be going home nightly with them, and making its way back to school the following day, everyday!

*If any of your children forget their calendars, no worries! Simply record the information on a post-it and stick it in their assignment book! :)

Writing & Spelling

We are ready to choose our first topic of the year! We will begin choosing and developing our first "seed" into our first published piece of writing as our personal narrative.

I encourage students to be writing at home 2+ times per week. All "at home" entries should be dated and marked with an (H) to let me know it was an "at home" entry. Remember... the more they write, the better writers they will become!

*I will be collecting Writer's Notebooks in the beginning of October to check in with students about their writing! We will be a class full of future writers this year!

Spelling Homework - NONE! :)

*Each week's spelling list will be posted on our class website!


We are finishing up Unit #1 - Naming and Constructing Geometric Figures this week. We will be taking our test Tuesday, September 23rd.

We will also be beginning Unit #2 - Using Numbers & Organizing Data. This unit will be focusing on the following skills:

  • Place Value
  • Organizing Data using Graphs
  • Identifying the Median
  • Adding & Subtracting Multi-Digit Numbers

Science ~ Electricity

It's electric! This week we will continue to explore electricity by discovering how current electricity works to light light bulbs!

Students may be finishing pages of the Important book project at home this week (only up to page 6)... Expectations are as follows:
  • Students correctly fill in the blanks in their white packet using the purple paper.
  • Words should be spelled correctly, because the words are on the purple paper!
  • All illustrations should relate to the content on the page, be neat, and colored.
*Important Books will be collected at the completion of our unit on Electricity!

We are... a PEANUT & TREE NUT safe classroom!

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