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Hamilton High School Newsletter 12/18-1/14

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Choir - Spreading Holiday Cheer

Hamilton's Choir sang at the district office, transportation, the IRC and ended at the central kitchen and sang holiday music for them. What a great way to spread the holiday cheer.
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Holiday Giving

We are so proud of our husky families, Sun Lakes community, Safeway grocery stores and other Chandler businesses for all coming together during these difficult times to help our homeless and underprivileged students at Hamilton High School. We adopted over 120 Hamilton families as well as adopted more families from Bogle Junior High, Chief Hill and other CUSD schools. We distributed over 100 Thanksgiving Meals sponsored by the Sun Lakes Methodist Church and Safeway grocery stores. The Social Work team distributed over $50,000 in gift cards, food, clothing and other holiday items for Hamilton and other CUSD families in need!!! ETA Independence National Junior Honor Society raised $3,960 for our Hamilton homeless and underprivileged students with the help of their counselor, Michele Dussault and her team! These young students have a heart of gold and were so happy to help others who are struggling.

Our social work team is so grateful for everyone who continues to support our cause to make sure no student in our school or in our community goes hungry and has their basic needs met.

Early National Signing Day

Congratulations to the recipients for Hamilton Football

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow State Winner

We’re proud to congratulate Brian Sears and our very own #SamsungSolve team for being named a 2021-22 State Winner! It’s great to see their hard work celebrated as they work to develop a #STEM solution to an issue that impacts our local community.


Speech & Debate

The Hamilton speech and debate team had an outstanding tournament over the weekend. The team was 3 points away for being recognized for the Pat Connell award but came home with the third team overall at the tournament.

In Congress debate Chamber 1, Caleb Liu took 5th place.

In Congress debate Chamber 3, Kate Li took 2nd place.

In Congress debate Chamber 4, Arav Rastogi took 4th place.

In Duo Interpretation, the team of Leela Raj-Sankar and Dawn Shim took 5th place.

In extemporaneous speaking, Alexis Li took 4th place.

In Impromptu speaking, Marie Chen took 5th place.

In program oral interpretation, Leela Raj-Sankar took 5th place.

In Novice Lincoln Douglas debate, Nivid Singhania took 3rd place at his first tournament of the year.

In Varsity Lincoln Douglas debate, Gowri Biju took 3rd place, and Alexis Li took 1st place.

In Novice Public Forum debate, the team of Arnav Nigam and Aditya Bhanvadia took 2nd place; and the team of Kevin Chen and Jenny Dong took 1st place.


Hamilton competed in our district wide theatre competition and came away with some wins. Please congratulate these kids when you see them! Our next stop is regionals in January!

Makeup Design

2nd Alyssa Kidd

1st Ellora Nanda


2nd Chloe Applegate


1st Kelton Hoffmeyer

Stage Management

2nd Dylan Strickland


2nd Cathrine Morse

1st Kris Crane


2nd Izzy Viker

Group Acting

3rd Turn the Page: Directed by Alyssa Fabio and Alyse Negroni featuring: Ava Appel, Regan Blawn, Lindsay Dussault, Taylor James, Alina Pierzga

1st Surprise: Directed by Regan Blawn and Lindsay Dussault featuring: Sara Gwin, Abby Pilgrim, Colby Raskin

Group Musical

2nd Picture Show: Directed by Alyssa Fabio featuring: Taylor James, Alyse Negroni, Colby Raskin, Viet Zaengle

1st Don’t Even Directed by Taylor James featuring: Zahra Alsooz, Ellie Barker, Megan Burke, Meera Domadia, Alyssa Fabio, Abby Pilgrim

Duo Acting

3rd Alyse Negroni/Megan Burke

1st Alyssa Fabio/Lindsay Dussault

Duet Musical

5th Alyssa Fabio/Taylor James

2nd Alina Pierzga/Megan Burke

Solo Musical

6th Viet Zaengle

4th Alyse Negroni

1st Alina Pierzga

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Cocoa & Cram

On December 8th link crew hosted Cocoa and Cram for our Freshmen. Freshmen were treated to some hot cocoa while getting tutoring from some of our amazing freshmen teachers and our link crew leaders themselves. More than 400 freshmen showed up for our annual event. It was great to see everyone having fun and studying for their upcoming finals.

Chinese Club

The Chinese Cultural Club and Mandarin Honor II class enjoyed an online language and culture class collaborating with 10 students from Changzhou No. 1 High School through Zoom on this Wednesday, December 7th. During the event, the Chinese Culture Club president, Veronica Yang did a brief introduction of Arizona to our future sister school students, and the students from Changzhou did a fantastic show about Changzhou City and delicious local foods. Mandarin Honor III class students did a conversation practice in Chinese with the Changzhou students, during the practice, they did a survey about the dining out habit of the Chinese students, the Honor III class will write a social study survey report based on their interview with their Chinese counterparts. The event concluded with a Q&A part, the Honor III students introduced Arizona local foods, such as scorpion lollipops, cactus and rattlesnake to the Changzhou students, and the students of the two countries also discussed their opinion on Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and C-dramas. Through this event, Honor III class students got an authentic environment to practice Chinese language, and the students of the United States and China both enjoyed this opportunity to share and enjoy the culture of each other. There is a 17-hour difference between Phoenix and Changzhou City, which both school overcame the difficulties to make this event happen. The event was hold at 4:00 p.m. Phoenix local time, and it was 7:00 a.m. in Changzhou. Mr. Delatorre and Mrs. Berrelleza were also in attendance for this event.

Happy Holidays to Staff

STUGO surprised Hamilton staff with hot cocoa and candy canes the last week before break. What a great surprise to have during finals week.
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Cyberstart America

As the semester closes Cyberstart America released the rankings for participants in Cyber Start America. This is a year long competition, ending in April, dealing with cybersecurity including hacking, coding, forensics, and network security.

High scoring students can receive thousands in scholarships and certification opportunities.

Nationally there are already 1325 semifinalists out of 26797 participants. In Arizona there are currently 6 semifinalists and 3 of those are students here at Hamilton!

State Leadership board

If you see or know any of the following students congratulate them on their accomplishments!

Mateo Aleksov

Nathan Richards

Brian Chung

We are also involved in a competition with Perry High School’s Cyber Security team…And the top 4 students in that competition are all from Hamilton as well.

There is still plenty enough time for students to get involved and be successful in this competition. So, if you know any students that would like to participate, send them down to D110 and I can get them started. We even work on challenges in Engineering Club that meets Tuesday after school!

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Looking for a club to join?

Looking to join a club to help you with your science fair? Or want to create an invention and research with ASU? Join Astralis! Contact Prisha at for any questions and scan the QR code!
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Seniors, time is running out to purchase your cap and gown to guarantee delivery. If you have not ordered, please do so at:


What a great way to end the week before finals. Lots of excitement, entertainment, games, music, recognitions and a special performance.


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V Girls Basketball - NIKE Tournament of Champions

Saturday, Dec. 18th 2021 at 10am

Scottsdale, AZ, USA

Scottsdale, AZ

V. Boys Basketball @ McClintock (Tournament)

Monday, Dec. 27th 2021 at 10am

1830 East Del Rio Drive

Tempe, AZ

Boys Soccer AZ Soccer Showcase

Monday, Dec. 27th 2021 at 9am to Wednesday, Dec. 29th 2021 at 11am

Legacy Sports Complex

9:00am each day

Girls Soccer AZ Soccer Showcase

Monday, Dec. 27th 2021 at 9am to Wednesday, Dec. 29th 2021 at 3pm

Legacy Sports Complex

12/27 - 9:00am

12/28 - 1:00pm

12/29 - 1:00pm

F/JV/V Wrestling @ ACP

Wednesday, Dec. 29th 2021 at 9am

4477 South Gilbert Road

Chandler, AZ

JV/V Boys Soccer @ Chaparral

Tuesday, Jan. 4th, 4pm

6935 East Gold Dust Avenue

Scottsdale, AZ

JVB/C Girls Soccer @ Maricopa

Tuesday, Jan. 4th, 6pm

45012 West Honeycutt Avenue

Maricopa, AZ

JV/V Girls Soccer vs Chaparral

Tuesday, Jan. 4th, 4pm

3700 South Arizona Avenue

Chandler, AZ

F/JV/V Multi Meet @ Desert Vista

Wednesday, Jan. 5th, 4pm

16440 South 32nd Street

Phoenix, AZ

JV/V Girls Soccer vs Pinnacle

Friday, Jan. 7th, 4pm

3700 South Arizona Avenue

Chandler, AZ

JV/V Boys Soccer @ Pinnacle

Friday, Jan. 7th, 4pm

3535 East Mayo Boulevard

Phoenix, AZ

F/JV/V Boys Basketball vs Chandler

Friday, Jan. 7th, 4pm

3700 South Arizona Avenue

Chandler, AZ

F/JV/V Girls Basketball @ Chandler

Friday, Jan. 7th, 4pm

350 North Arizona Avenue

Chandler, AZ

JVB/C Boy Soccer @ Eastmark

Monday, Jan. 10th, 4pm

9560 East Ray Road

Mesa, AZ

JV/V Girls Soccer @ Liberty

Tuesday, Jan. 11th, 4pm

9621 West Speckled Gecko Drive

Peoria, AZ

JV/V Boys Soccer vs Liberty

Tuesday, Jan. 11th, 4pm

3700 South Arizona Avenue

Chandler, AZ

Band Fundraiser - MOD Pizza

Tuesday, Dec. 14th 2021 at 7am-9pm

3977 South Arizona Avenue

Chandler, AZ

F/JV/V Boys Basketball vs Basha

Wednesday, Jan. 12th, 4pm

3700 South Arizona Avenue

Chandler, AZ

JVB/C Girls Soccer @ Highland

Wednesday, Jan. 12th, 4pm

4301 East Guadalupe Road

Gilbert, AZ

Orchestra Fundraiser - Culvers

Wednesday, Jan. 12th, 4-9pm

1510 South Arizona Avenue

Chandler, AZ

JV/V Girls Soccer vs Sandra Day O'Connor

Friday, Jan. 14th, 4pm

3700 South Arizona Avenue

Chandler, AZ

JV/V Boys Soccer @ Sandra Day O'Connor

Friday, Jan. 14th, 4pm

25250 North 35th Avenue

Phoenix, AZ

F/JV/V Girls Basketball @ Basha

Friday, Jan. 14th, 4pm

3700 South Arizona Avenue

Chandler, AZ

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